Friday, September 17, 2004

The Sullivan Howler of the day

Sullivan is talking about the Bush media cocoon and finishes with this little gem:

But if the voters realize at some point in this campaign that the president is simply living in a dreamworld, they might vote for someone who, for all his faults, is at least able to recognize reality.
(bolding mine-Simon)

The man whose brain was seared in Cambodia recognise reality? That Andrew sure knows how to tell them jokes. He could do stand-up in front of any Bush crowd. Provided he got his timing right.


BTW normally I don't visit Sullivan on a regular basis. Credit where due: wretchard sent me to Sullivan with this well reasoned rebuttal of Sullivan's points as opposed to my attempt (glad you liked it) at comedy

Did some one leak Kerry's talking points to Sullivan?
Kerry, addressing National Guard veterans in Las Vegas, said Bush was the one ``living in a fantasy world of spin'' and failing to tell the truth on Iraq.

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