Tuesday, September 21, 2004

#@%^&#@!^&*$# Reuters

In an earlier post I got this story from Reuters:

Rueters today has it in their www edition as a top story.

Dan Rather, the anchor and top CBS newsman, who faces heavy criticism over the network's decision to air the story, was also not available for comment, his office said.

Bush has never fully accounted for his service during the Vietnam War, when he was given a coveted place in the National Guard while many of his peers were drafted and sent to fight in Vietnam.

The matter has dogged him during earlier political races but became more prominent this year as Kerry emphasized his own service as a decorated Navy officer during the war.

The four memos aired by CBS, purportedly written and signed by the late Air National Guard Lt. Col. Jerry Killian, said he was under pressure from his superiors to "sugar coat" Bush's service record after Bush, then a Guard pilot, was grounded for failure to perform up to standards or to take a physical.

As you can see Reuteurs is repeating the charges. The charges that have all been repeatedly refuted and the only shred of credibility they have is from the now discredited documents.

I should be thankful the first half of the story got it right.

#@%^&#@!^&*$# Reuters

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