Friday, September 17, 2004

Are we losing the war?

The question is actually where.

The Captain has a few things to say plus reports from the field about where we are. It is mostly good.

good reports in the comments section at Belmont Club

Liberating Iraq is a font of goodness. So this is the main link.

Lt. Smash has this from a Marine major

I will add more links to the good news over the course of the evening.

The real question is "where are we losing the war?" and the answer to that is in Dan Rather's newsroom. Now the fact thathe is being kept busy for the next week or two with memos will keep fighting off the front page.

No matter how hard Kerry tries to get it back.

By the time The Document Swindle has died down the news from Iraq ought to be much better.

So to answer the question: only in the press. And steps are being taken to redress the balance.

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Anonymous said...

This is starting to sound like Vietnam 2.
Am I being pesimistic?