Wednesday, September 22, 2004

The New Middle East

A response to the Bush UN speech:

Without a change in strategy and tactics by the administration, Iraq will be an unavoidable Topic A at the president's annual U.N. speech again next year, with little likelihood of a more stable and secure nation, or world.

I'm in total agreement here. George now has Syria shitting in Baby Assads boots while he is licking George's and saying yassah massah what ever you wants.

So what other fundamental change needs to take place to secure Iraq? Look at a fookin map. Get educated in strategy at least. It can tell you a lot about what is likely to happen next. Now it is American doctrine to avoid as much as possible any deep reliance on intentions. What we look for are capabilities.

What is the American military capable of? Baghdad in 3 weeks? With no help from the locals except passive.

Now look at Iran. We will get active help there. Think: the battle front in France August 1944. Think Mousolini hung out to dry in a gas station. We got the pictures to prove it.

People tell me the Iranian armed forces are much tougher than the Iraqi version. Couldn't say. Not my area of competence. What you are not factoring in is that the Iraqis even if worse were not also fighting a rear guard battle against the citizens of its nation. The Iranians will do no better than the Iraqis and may do worse.

So what is Iran capable of? Scud type missles with chemical warheads? Won't help. It will just piss people off. Merciless muslims who attack women and children. That is going to win friends. In fact it is just those kinds of policies (no respect for the conquered) that made all who came under the sway of the Germans and Japanese in WW2 enemies. There may be 1.5 billion Muslims. As of now you have at least 3 billion enemies. And then the USA and Israel. World powers. How does Israel qualify as a world power? Brains. That is all it takes. America does it even better. We have brains, the best Navy in the world and the US Marines. You know. The guys who gave victory to an outgunned John Paul Jones. No better friend, no worse enemy.

Americans bring order, a chance to do business, and no requirement to remain a Muslim. Whiskey, democracy, sexy. We got what sells.

Pretty soon you ME guys will be behavin just like Americans: work all day, boogie all night, and double on the weekends.

The French should be havin 1/2 so much fun.

BTW hear about the new Euro Peace Force? In the requirements document it shows the need for one aircraft carrier. Neglecting to mentiion that to keep one at sea requires one in port retraining and refitting and another in port getting overhauled. Now who has 3 carriers to spare? What European nation or group of nations? (did I mention the requirement for interoperability? that leaves the Russians out). Hmmmmmmm. Fantasy. Or perhaps they were expecting something from Uncle Sugar? You know I think they have a problem in not making their request known far enough in advance. I think the dance card is filled for quite a few balls not just the next few dances.


My day is made. Faust replies to (aproximately) what I posted above.

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