Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Iranian hard liners funding Kerry campaign

Regime's apologists pay to boost Kerry among Iranian-Americans

Some of the well known, US based, Islamic regime's apologists and lobbyists have mobilized in order to boost Senator J. Kerry's Presidential Campaign among the Iranian-American community. In that line, paid interviews with their controversial leaders or TV advertisements for Mr. Kerry, with two of the Los Angeles based TV networks, such as "Tamasha" and "Channel One", and "Radio 670 AM" have started since mid-September. But contrary to these three non scrupulous and money oriented networks, all the others, who have a sense of integrity, have rejected the substantial offers made to them.
I have more to say here on the issue:students blast Kerry

Iranian Americans for Kerry. The students are not very fond of these guys. There is a list of what Kerry's intentions towards Iran are.

Roger L. Simon gives us a pointer. Thanks!

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