Thursday, September 23, 2004

Can't Buy Me Love

How trite. You just know we are going to talk about commercial sex. How tawdry. And Wonkette if you are out there. I'm still looking for suitable photos. Well that is another story. Where were we? Here:

There have been reports that the military under the guidance of our President wants to banish commercial sex from the lives of our military men and women. Prostitution will be verboten. Actually it already is verboten. (tell it to the Navy)
Congress is taking up the issue

Rumsfield was sending out the warnings Monday before the Congress got there. Could this be a co-ordinted campaign? Probably.

Could they be co-ordinating with South Korea? Could be a definite possibility. I think it comes under the heading of improving ally relations. Any way The Marmot (at the Korean link) discusses it at length. As well as a short look at commercial sex in the area. And the prostitutes union. You know they want shorter somethings and longer something elses. Maybe. Hey its his hobby. Every man needs a hobby. Well any way. To get more sereious or not:

What I want to know is has the military war gamed the sex bit? Or are they just going into it blind?

How do you get around these kinds of restrictions? No more brothels - homes instead. Love shacks.

Girls will be rented by the day not the hour. Payments will become disguised.

Marriage with the locals will become more common.

Marriage before deployment will become more common.

No more selling sex. Love will now be for sale.

I'm not sure that is an improvement.

The heart of the matter is this: as a tactic to reduce sexual slavery this will do no good. Slavery can only prosper where business is hiden. Openly operated and regulated businesses do not have the problem of slavery. Slavery comes in to play when you have illegals. Illegal people, illegal dealings.

The answeer is to make consensual vice as legal as possible. Think a few counties in Nevada. Course this is America and we like our prohibitions. It makes our vices more exotic while giving a veneer of respectibility to the country. i.e. it is our national sickness. We like nationalizing morality. When we can.

Jim of Vice Squad brings us the troops reaction from the Stars and Stripes the US military's newspaper.


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