Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Its time to close the borders. After the dastardly attacks on America it is obvious America has a border problem. America has to improve security on its borders.

To get this improved security America must make it easier to cross the border.

Well isn't that just the stupidest thing you ever heard?

Let me explain myself.

With the current closed borders you have people smugglers working day and night trying to get their human cargo across. If we allowed freer entry any one crossing between border stations then stands out like a sore thumb instead of being just another face in the crowd. In addition there is another group of smugglers trying to get material goods, drugs, into the United States. These people too are probing the border day and night looking for weakness.

So we have smugglers continuously probing our material and human defences along the border.

By making it easier for people to come in we at least have a record of entry. When the smugglers bring them in there is no record. The same is true about illegal drugs. If it weren't for all the resources wasted on this folly we might stand a better chance of finding things our enemies send against us.

This is a war. A war on two fronts is more difficult to fight than a war on one front. Drugs are a self financing enemy, terrorism is not. In fact drug profits support terrorism. The answer to these problems is more freedom not less. Let us give up the unwinnable war that doesn't matter and fight the winnable war that does.

To help win the real war its time to get the non-violent drug prisoners out of jail and back to work.

Whenever you meet a prohibitionist politician ask him or her the following question:

Do you support drug prohibition because it finances criminals at home or because it finances terrorists abroad?

First Published 26 Sep 2001 by:
The Rock Rivertimes

Times haven't changed much have they?


Doug said...

" These people too are probing the border day and night looking forand FINDING weakness. "
...but, being professionals with high standards, we certainly would not expect this knowledge to get into the hands of TERRORISTS.
" Drugs are a self financing enemy, terrorism is not. In fact drug profits support terrorism.
The answer to these problems is more freedom not less.
Even the Very Big Government former Mayor of Honolulu, Jeremy Harris, could see that Crime there could be reduced 80% by simply more or less permanently incarcerating less than a hundred career (30 plus robbery/assault, etc. convictions) criminals.
Virtually all of these folks were also Crack Dealers, so unless the average suburban user was ready to take on the very risky behavior of their former suppliers, price of commodity would go up significantly.)
(Assuming supply of new career criminals were dealt with in the same manner as they appeared on the scene. I imagine the place would soon get a reputation, just like Giulianis' New York)
...but of course if crack were legal: I was just exploring areas easier to police than the border, not sure if crack should be legal or not.
(Most drugs should be.)
Perhaps you have a different take on that, but regardless,
I'm also interested in your views re:
IDs/Driver's Licenses and illegal immigration.

Doug said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a latina american and my family immigrated from Central America legally on a visa almost 100 years ago. I recently went on a road trip to Mexico and seen the curruption and evil there. We need to close the borders in order to keep the US safe. Crimes are being committed by people who are illegally crossing the borders. They need to do it legally like a lot of other immigrants have done. And they are taking jobs away by working for very low wages (unfair wages). Wake up America and close the borders.

M. Simon said...


The only way I see to effectively screen the people breaching our borders is to make it easier to get in. Then the bad actors stand out.

As to labor: it is a world economy. We will be competing with their labor no matter if the border is open or closed.

In any case "illegal" labor now represents a significant fraction of American output. Better to regularize it and weed out the bad actors.