Wednesday, September 29, 2004

We Changed the World - Liars and Idiots Don't Stand a Chance

Here is a bit I wrote about my part in the computer revolution at LGF the world's premier anti-idotarian blog.

In '77 or '78 my wife and I printed T-shirts with an R2 like unit and the motto "Support the Revolution, Buy a Computer". Around that time I desigened and produced the I/O board that went into the world's first BBS. Leading to the personal computer/communications revolution and finally the Internet.

Never have I been prouder of my contribution than in these days of war. With so many false and misleading reports we can now have communities of scholars and just plain folks involved in real understanding and an attempt to get at the truth.

The liars and idiots don't stand a chance.

My original vision was a community of scholars and Nobel prize winners communicating with each other to advance human knowledge. The broader base we have now is much better. Way much better than my original vision. At least I was headed in the right direction. I called my vision the Draco System.

The liars of the media will be dying a slow death. They will be strangled by the truth. Slow and painful. Just the way I like it.

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