Sunday, October 10, 2004

Yellow Dog Democrats

I talked to my mother again today about Kerry's plan to give nuclear fuel to Iran in exchange for promises.

When first confronted with Kerry's policy she couldn't believe it. She was appalled and said it never made the news.

Well it made the news today, oh boy.

My mother's line is now that while Kerry would openly arm our enemies Bush is doing it secretly.

This is pretty much proof to me that Yellow Dog Democrats have given up thinking in exchange for true belief - no Republican can be good, ever; no Democrat can be bad, ever.

Now my mother has been around for a while. Her hearing is not so good. Her eyesight is not what it used to be. Her mind however is still sharp.

However, her escape from reality is truly breathtaking. I'm beginning to understand the MSM and its cohorts. Rational thinking on the issues has got to hurt. Dealing with opposing viewpoints has got to hurt. It is painful to watch.

I do not see how Kerry can be up in the polls.

Worse. I do not see America surviving a Kerry win.


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