Sunday, October 10, 2004

Fueling Peace Prepratory to War

Kerry is up to Carter's old foreign policy tricks. He is planning to give nuclear fuel to Iran in exchange for Irans's promise not to build nuclear weapons. Sounds like a really good deal to me. Perhaps the North Koreans could be interested in such a deal.

Oh. Muy bad. My bad. Carter already gave the North Koreans such a deal. It is estimated that the North Koreans have between one and three nuclear weapons with three to seven more on the way using the nuclear fuel given then under Carter's policy of giving them fuel in exchange for promises.

That worked really well.

Iran would welcome a proposal by U.S. presidential candidate Senator John Kerry's running mate for a "great bargain" to solve the dispute over Tehran's nuclear program, a senior Iranian official said on Saturday. No doubt a really great bargain. For Iran.

St. Louis has it.

Milwaukee Journal Sentinal has some interesting commentary.

Christina Hughes in Binghampton, NY has written a letter to the editor.

Japan Times says Bush an Kerry agree on the threat of nuclear proliferation. The devil of course is in the details. They take a look at the details.

I believe this will cost Kerry the election.

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David Foster said...

I believe you are correct that the North Korean bombs were made using fuel that Carter gave them...but do you have a specific link on that? If so, I'd like to post on it as well.