Thursday, October 14, 2004

Drug War Racism & The 60s

This was originally published on 14 Nov 2001 by the Rock River Times. It is about the drug war, racism, and the seductions of communism. It also runs down the weakest point in our current armor. The racism of the drug war.


I want to talk again about racism, the drug war, and a little history.

As a child of the sixties I can still remember the American situation in that era. Thinking back over our recent history I'm compelled to think about why so many Americans ( including myself ) were seduced by communist propaganda. What problems in America seemed so bad and intractable that it seemed like a change in the form of government was the only way to redress the grievances?

In a word, racism. It turns out that Bull Connor and George Wallace were the Viet Cong's most potent recruiters. The sickness of racism pervaded the country and was especially strong in the States of the old Confederacy. By the time we got a serious handle on this problem American morale was shot and we lost the war in America after winning it on the battle field.

In short immoral conditions in America's treatment of some of its citizens ruined American morale. Americans had lost faith in America.

Von Clauzwitz in his famous treatise on war has stated that the moral factors in war are three times as potent as the material factors. The Viet Nam war proved this contention in spades. America though vastly more potent on the battle field was made to leave the field because of its moral failings.

And so we come to the battle field today against Islamic fascists.

What today is America's biggest moral weakness? Why are so many formerly Christian Blacks leaving the Christian religion and joining Islam? In a word racism.

What is the biggest supporter of racism in America today? Drug prohibition.

Drug prohibition is the excuse for putting roughly 1/3 of all marriage age black men in the criminal justice system. The prison system is the most potent recruiting tool of Black Islam. Just ask the ghost of Malcom X. Drug prohibition is destroying the black social structure in America. Just as the racism of the 60s made communism attractive so does the racist drug war of today make hate whitey radical Islam so attractive to the black community and hate America so popular among college age kids today. Islam promises an end to racism if it becomes triumphant. I suspect that like communism the promises of Islamic fascists will prove to be in the end false.

The question we have to ask today is it worth it to lose another war to find out if Islam's promise of peace without racism are true or false. Is it worth it to have the kids in college, so aware of America's failings, again in the enemy camp because of those so evident failings? Wouldn't it be much easier to end racist prohibition and thereby get America on the correct moral footing so necessary to win a protracted war?

If we are to win the war against fascism we need to end racial fascism in America. End drug prohibition.

This weeks saying: The drug laws are to covert racism what the Jim Crow laws were to overt racism. Enabling legislation.

Don't forget to ask a politician:

Do you support drug prohibition because it finances criminals at home or because it finances terrorists abroad?

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Speaker of the House J. Dennis Hastert U.S. House of Representatives Washington, D.C. 20515

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M.L. Simon is an industrial controls designer and independent political activist

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