Sunday, October 31, 2004

Peace for Sale

Here are some folks who claim that peace is for sale. A novel concept.

The peace for sale is Israel/Palestine peace.

They claim it can be bought for only $100 billion.

Who gets to pay?


Israeli moderates like Amram Mitzna have refuted the lie that "there is nobody to talk to" by crafting, with key Palestinian leaders, a ground-breaking peace agreement called the Geneva Accord.
This is a total joke. There are plenty of Palis to talk to. Plenty. Trouble is there are none who can deliver an end to the violence in exchange for "peace". There is no law and order on the Pali side. Who will subdue Hammas? Fatah? The Al and Oscar Brigades? etc.

BTW this was a Google ad that caught my eye.

Google ads get results.

Just not necessisarily the results desired.

Here is the result of another google ad. The take is a little different. It is an article in "Foreign Policy" by Dennis Ross the American envoy (cue up Warren Zevon).
But from the start of the Oslo negotiations in 1993, Arafat focused only on what he was going to receive, not what he had to give. He found it difficult to live without a cause, a struggle, a grievance, and a conflict to define him. Arafat never faced up to what he would have to do—even though we tried repeatedly to condition him. As a result, when he was finally put to the test with former President Bill Clinton’s proposal in December 2000, Arafat failed miserably.
Dennis then asks the question of a lifetime:
Is there any sign that Arafat has changed and is ready to make historic decisions for peace? I see no indication of it. Even his sudden readiness to seize the mantle of reform is the result of intense pressure from Palestinians and the international community. He is maneuvering now to avoid real reform, not to implement it. And on peace, he does not appear ready to acknowledge the opportunity that existed with Clinton’s plan, nor does he seem willing to confront the myths of the Palestinian movement.
I think there is a sign that Arafat is changing. He is in France. Close to death. Now there is a significant change. Here is hoping he makes the change permanent. Soon.

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