Saturday, October 16, 2004

John K. and Mary C.

Here are a couple of things I posted over at Roger Simon's place about Kerry's remarks about Mary Cheney.


I thought mentioning Mary C. was good tactics for Kerry even if tacky in the extreme.

It might convince a few Religious Republicans to stay home and it reminds us independents the kind of crowd we are running with.

Pretty good tactics.

And it has got all us Bush supporters all euphemistic about what is going on.

So let me say it out loud. Most of the gay hatred in the country comes from the right. This is a fact. The DOMA is all about catering to that hatred. Or should it be cratering?

OK? We all know this. Why hide?

None the less we need Bush for his war fighting capabilities. It does not mean I'm happy about his whole program.

Kerry did what he did because he thought it might peel some Bush supporters. Thank you Senator for forcing the right to face its own prejudices. The rule is: lose your prejudice or lose.

Now the Senator himself is rather ambiguous (nuanced?) on the issue so he is getting a pass more or less.

Still. I think it was a good move on his part.

Politics ain't bean bag.

I'm enjoying the fight.


Suppose you are Andrew and your kind have been persecuted forever and then a political group with a lot of influence intends to make the second class citizenship official.

We saw where those attitudes led in '36.

I do not think what we are seeing is on that level.

Still it is a cause for concern.

I do find it interesting that homophobes will have to figuratively embrace Mary C. to win this election.

Thank you Senator K. for your most excellent service.


Anonymous said...

Saw your link at LGF. You are wrong as to where anti-gay bigotry mostly resides. No group is more anti-gay than blacks. Pat Caddell has a theory that Kerry's message was aimed at blacks to boost turnout in those turned off by the current plantation master's pro gay agenda. Essentially, "See! See! The Repubs have gays too!" To neutralize the gay issue with blacks, and also, I might add, with the Hispanics, which are the 2nd most anti-gay group in the country.
The Religious Right assuredly has bigots. And fools like Jerry Falwell regularly say something stupid. But less biased than others. Still, the liberal Jewish writers and intelligensia dominating the media fixate on the Religious Right as the most really dangerous, ignorant, bigoted people - and give blacks and Hispanics a pass.

M. Simon said...

Interesting theory Mr./Mrs./Miss A. I'd like to see some numbers.

I'd also like to know why we don't see any of this reflected in congressional action.

You might be right but I'd like to see a few more refrence points.