Friday, October 15, 2004

Prohibition Watch 1

I was looking back at some of my old Winds of Change guest blogs and came across one called Prohibition Watch. It has some very interesting links about prohibition and also relevant brain science.

So I think I'm going to do a regular feature on this. The one over at Winds of Change I will consider #0. Which is why this is #1.

Vice Squad has a nice article on black market vs legal prices. What he does not attend to is the increased profit at each level of distribution the price multiples provide.

Drug War Rant talks about the line up in the Supreme Court for/against medical marijuana. Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi are against the Federal Government. Why? States Rights.

Drug War Rant also has a nice rant on how the Drug Czar's Office is not telling us how to vote. Isn't that special? You know they could just keep their mouth's shut. If they were serious.

Oh, and One more thing from DWR If you support prohibition, you are part of the drug problem. So don't do it.

Last One Speaks has a really ugly picture of John Walters standing next to a scowling Bush. It is all about how more money will help fight drugs in Alabama. I'm sure it will. You can never have enough secret police.

Chicago Decrim Watch has a nice round up of national and international news. Look around.

Illinois Drug Education and Legislative Reform has some good links. The Ed Rosenthal article Tipping Points and Doomed Laws link did not work there so you might want to use this one. Ed has always been a favorite read of mine.

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