Saturday, October 23, 2004

Poles Down on Kerry

Besides a lot of Poles in Chicago it turns out there are quite a few in Michigan.

National Review discusses that as part of a Michigan review.

Kerry made another Michigan mistake by belittling the Coalition President Bush put together to depose Saddam Hussein. Macomb County has one of the largest Polish populations in the country. The fact that Kerry was disrespectful of Poland's contributions to the war effort will hurt him dearly with Polish voters.
I also covered the reaction in Poland originally on 5 Oct. here. The short versiion? They didn't like it.

You know I think Kerry's vote totals are going down in Chicago. Bush might even get a few of those votes. Kerry has done his best to make himself unpopular with quite a few people.

I'm still voting for Obama. Why? Keyes' stand on the drug war. He believes drug use is a personal responsibility issue and the government needs to impose longer prison sentences. Say what? Besides his religiosity he is just about as coherent on the rest of the issues.

Yeah I know. Obama is a Communist. But he is a University of Chicago Communist and he is kinda cute. For a guy. Any way the first mate likes him. Probably the one good thing to come out of the dem convention.


David Foster said...

Italians and Italian-Americans should also be aware of the Kerry slur directed toward them:

M. Simon said...

Try this link to photon c.

M. Simon said...

Did I mention the First Mate was part Italian?

Well she was voting Bush any way.

Arnie and Zell electrified her. And after that? Let us just say a good time was had by all.