Friday, October 08, 2004

Egypt Gets Blowback

Egypt has been supporting (or turning a blind eye) to terrorist groups in its midsts. Three bombs went off in Tabba.

Now the question is how did the terrorists get about a ton of explosives into an Egyptian resort next to Israel? How did they manage to get the explosives past Egyptian checkpoints?

My guess is that the Egyptians probably thought the explosives were going to Gaza to be smuggled in to the terrorist groups in the Gaza strip.

This will cost the Egyptians big time. The terrorist attack at Luxor in '97 killed the Egyptian tourist industry for several years, costing Egypt billions. This will do the same or worse.

Here are some news reports:
Israeli Insider
Jerusalem Post

Update 16:41z
Some of the estimates for the amount of explosives indicate that each vehicle had about 100 kg which in American is about 220 lbs. Three vehicles times 220 lbs. is 660 lbs or closer to a quarter of a ton. Not insignificant but not too hard to hide if no one is looking closely for it.

Update 18:33z
Debka has tis theory on their current front page

The other possibility is that the bombers crossed the Red Sea from Saudi Arabia and arrived at the Sharm el-Sheikh marina aboard a Saudi yacht, knowing the Egyptians would never search it.

A few hours later, they would have been picked up and driven to the hidden bomb cars by Hizballah operatives.


Doug H said...

I also read somewhere (sorry, can't remember where) that up to 40% of the victims were Israeli Arabs. Kind of a two-fer for the terrorists; not only do they piss off Egyptians who rely on tourism for their jobs, but they kill a buch of Arabs as well.

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