Thursday, October 14, 2004

Iran Gets Hotter

This recounts a surprise attack on the Security HQs of Mian-do-Ab.
Security HQ and militiamen attacked in NW Iran

Heavy damages have been made to the installation and military materials by the un-identified commando's rocket propelled grenades and assault guns.

The Islamic regime's officials and its propaganda tools sized by panic are intending to portray the armed opponents as members of a religious cult, more fanatic than themselves, but residents qualify them as freedom fighters targeting the end of Mullahcracy. The official number of today's deaths have been announced as five but other reports are stating about a much higher number.
In other Iran news it turns out Iran has been taking lessons in nuance from Kerry. It may also be that tthe Mad Men of Teheran are trying to swing a US election:

Regime Flip-Flops on Kerry's "Great Nuclear Bargain"
A senior Islamic regime official denied, today, a yesterday's Reuters report, which had stated that the Mullahcracy would welcome Senator John Kerry's proposal for a 'great nuclear bargain' to solve dispute over Iran's nuclear program.

This evident one day flip-flop move follows most likely the sudden understanding, by the regime's strategists and its US based apologists, of the negative consequences for their Democrat protege's victory in the upcoming US Presidential elections.
Very interesting.

Evidently the regime has women's issues:

Women and supporters arrested in Iran-Germany soccer game
Several Iranian women and young girls were arrested, yesterday evening, during the football (soccer) game which opposed Iran and Germany's national teams at the Tehran's former Aryamehr stadium renamed as Azadi (meaning 'Freedom') after the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Several of these women's who were disguised as men were beaten and arrested along with their male supporters as they tried to oppose the brutal militiamen's attacks and the arrests of their proteges.

Some of the women's were arrested after they took off their disguised in a show of protest against the state's policy of gender apartheid and the discrimination exerced against Iranian women especially after witnessing that several German and European women were allowed to see the game while the regime bans women from attendence.
Ya have to wonder why this gender apartheid doesn't get more attention in the west. I wonder if the Germans have got the news?

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