Saturday, October 30, 2004

News from the Front

An Iraqi Patriot speaks. Winds of Change has a very heavy piece by a 23 year old female Iraqi Patriot. Humalia Akrawy.

Ms. Akrawy is a slender, attractive young woman dressed in Western clothes, passionate as she begins by thanking the United States for having the "leadership, dedication and commitment" both to free her people from Saddam's regime and also to support Iraq as it moves towards being a stable and free country.

She stresses multiple times how much she and most Iraqis admire the United States and the Coalition partners for having the commitment to see things through to success. And she proudly states that Iraqis see strong, committed leadership in the provisional government as well, which gives them hope for their future.

She is, she stresses, an Iraqi first and a Kurd second - and glad of it. Under Saddam that was not possible, but it is possible now and she sees the Kurds embracing the vision of a single Iraq with strong borders and a unified national identity.

As usual: read the whole thing.

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