Thursday, October 28, 2004

The French Really Like Bush

Well you knew I was kidding. They hate him. But they do like Kerry. I like the French. The way Patton liked the French. (Patton spoke good French). He said "I'd rather have a division of Germans in front of me than a division of French behind me." Or some such.

“Paris will do everything to make life as hard for Bush as possible,” says analyst Olivier Marquand. “

If John Kerry is elected, however, Paris may want to signal its joy by adopting a more positive attitude toward Iraq. Such a signal could be a constructive approach to the Sharm El-Sheikh conference, and the ending of French objections to a NATO role in building the new Iraqi army.”

The French want to be very helpful. They think Saddam's old friends, the Baathists - which is Iraqi for National Socialist, should have a say in te new government. Evidently Vichy is still very much honored in France.

The Arab News has the whole sordid story.

The French still have not figured out who her real friends are. Quite gaulling to Americans. Well we are a big country. We can accomodate. I do not think the French will be happy. Not happy at all.

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