Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Chicago War

It turns out that gangland warfare in the 20s may not be the only war of note that has a high level of Chicago involvement. I turns out the University of Chicago (where I spent some time and have a son in the 2nd year) has quite a bit of involvement in Iraq.

Here is a list of the biggies:

Paul Wolfowitz, PhD’72
Ahmad Chalabi, SM’66, PhD’69
John Ashcroft, JD’67

The article however talks about "Chicago alumni[who] operate inside the war zone. The Magazine checks in with two Army commanders, a strategy expert, and three journalists. Here is an introductory paragraph.

This past June in Baghdad, Maj. David Rabb, AM’85, pulled out a paper he had written 20 years ago, while studying counseling at the School of Social Service Administration. At the time his topic, Vietnam veterans’ post–traumatic stress disorder, was a controversial concept. Today commander of the Army’s 785th Medical Company, a combat-stress unit, Rabb wanted to compare the mental states of U.S. soldiers in Vietnam and in Iraq.

Go read the whole thing.

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