Monday, October 18, 2004

Kerry is So Obviously Out of His League

The tone deaf Kerry seems to have blown a big hole in his boat. His attempt to point out Republican bigotry (which I covered here) without implicating his own party in such bigotry which I thought was effective on the margins (stupid me - however the Rs do have a gay bigotry problem) has totally backfired on him because he was attacking his opposition's family. Which (unlike mine) is absolutely (well mostly) sacred in American politics and is more popular (80+%) than medical marijuana (60 - 70%).

I must belong to that American minority without a soft spot for my family. Kerry may be (in that respect) a similar kind of dufus. Fortunately I'm not running for President. Don't ask.

About Kerry:

Look at where he is on Foreign policy. You know. The #1 or #2 job of any President. Where is he on alliances? He has insulted all of our current allies and enticed no new ones. He is getting support from some most unsavory characters. The Jew hater Mahathir Mohamad and The Palestinian Authority have come out for Kerry. OK.

And then comes Iraq. What can he do? He cannot abandon the people of Iraq. We have wireless internet. You can't hide it in the jungles as was done in Cambodia in 1978. If he leaves and there is mass murder he will be in deep doo doo. He cannot escape the responsibility the way he escaped from 1971. If he keeps taking casualties the Deaniacs will destroy him. As many have pointed out: he will be in a very difficult spot.

I can see Kerry getting elected. I can see a Kerry disaster following.

One way or another Kerry will be destroyed by the forces of history. It just may be after the election. Unlike my prediction here which says Bush all the way.

I would like to see a Bush win. A Kerry would be very interesting in office. For a while. As I have often stated. There is always impeachment.


Straittohell said...

Could you perhaps list some examples of Kerry actively insulting allies? The only evidence of Kerry doing this was perpetuated by Bush in the debates, whenever Kerry mocked Bushes pathetic alliance. The allies in the alliance are not pathetic, but the overall substance of the alliance in terms of numbers and a reflection of true global support that Bush has tried to drum up for Iraq is pretty low. All I've seen Bush do is muster up righteous indignation such as "You forgot Poland", and "I'm offended that you would minimize our allies contributions, etc." Kerry has never come out and said "Australia is pitiful", he has simply pointed out that America has shouldered most of the burden for the war, despite having thirty countries on board. Bush never seems to have to come up with any real examples, and seems content to take Kerry's criticism of American's virtual unilateralism and morph it into a supposed criticism of the relatively small contributions of the allies that did sign up. I'm sorry, my friend, but you'll have to do better than this if you're going to try and assault Kerry in the foreign policy department. Four years ago, Bush wouldn't have been able to find Poland on a map.

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