Sunday, October 24, 2004

Rosie attracts 38 - Jealous of Cher

Drudge has it here. It shows a Rosie O'Donnell with 1/5th the popularity of Cher and Kerry with practically no popularity at all. The Dems need to begin renting out bathrooms instead of halls. The crowds will look bigger. Did I mention Bush is moving his venues from halls to stadiums? I think it is crush Kerry time.




Rosie O'Donnell addressed a nearly vacant CLUB OVATION Saturday night in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida during a get-out-the-vote rally for Dem presidential hopeful John Kerry.

"You know, there's only like, you know, maybe 38 of us here and maybe we can just like tap a keg and put on some disco, and totally party," O'Donnell deadpanned.

The debacle came one night after only a couple hundred came out to see Cher rally for Kerry at Miami Beach's CROBAR disco.

"There were supposed to be thousands of people here tonight. I'm not sure why that didn't happen, obviously the people putting on this thing were just not very good at it," an embarrassed Cher explained to the crowd.

A top Florida Democratic party official dismissed the weak back-to-back club turnouts as any indication of voter enthusiasm for the Kerry candidacy.


At CLUB OVATION Rosie endorsed Kerry's assertion in debate that America needs to pass a "global test" before acting in the world.

"The best part to me in the entire debate was when John Kerry said we have to pass a global test before we enter into a war. And you see George Bush got all nervous because frankly the word 'test' terrifies him," O'Donnell said to scattered chuckles.

"He never passed one at Harvard or Yale, but whatever. But there is a global test. It's the global test of decency, of humanity, of integrity. That's what our country stands for as we lead the free world. Let's take back our country. Let's elect John Kerry."

Rosie said the Bush Administration's actions go "against the foundation of what our country was built on," giving example of Administration telling the "United Nations we would ignore their doctrine and their resolutions."


Rosie continued: "Every single thing this White House has done goes against the foundation of what our country was built on. For us to tell the United Nations we would ignore their doctrine and their resolutions, for us to say that we will not adhere to the Geneva Convention during this war. We are America, we are better than that. We were built on the foundation of freedom and truth and equality for all people. And the rich, corporate, horrible, horrible people who have been destructing and ruining everything this country was made on has been really unbelievably damaging to all of us spiritually, emotionally, monetarily."

Rosie advised the audience to ignore any and all media in last days of the election race and to keep telling themselves "Kerry by a landslide!"

"Just remember this, don't believe the media in these last nine days. Tell yourself every day when you wake up and every morning when you have a worry or a doubt or whether you believe FOXNEWS: Kerry by a landslide. Because America knows the difference between genuine and junk."


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