Monday, October 25, 2004

Are Bush Supporters in Hiding?

Slate has this neat article about passing. Richard Rushfield asks: What is it like to go around ordinary places in republican territory dressed as a democrat. And vice versa.

The short version: the Republican in Democrat Territory gets hassled and called an asshole. When the shoe is on the other foot the Republicans behave like gentlemen and gentlewomen.

Hmmmmm. Could it be Bush in a landslide - because his supporters are nicer?

8 more days.

BTW I got the original link from Pejman . You should go read him and then point out all the places I cribbed topics from him. Without attribution. Muy bad. Give him a read.


Karl E said...

Here in MI it is a totally mixed bag. I live in the capital, lansing and right across from my house is the Republican's headquarters, holy crap, they've got people from all over the country over there! Poor misguided souls. I'm not sure how a true Republican could support such a radically conservative and fiscally irresponsible president as GW has proven to be. Despite having wished, hoped, and thought about putting a large dense object through their headquarters front window, I've restrained myself, as well, so have all the other progressives, liberals, centerists, moderates, independents, and anarchists.

M. Simon said...

It appears that not all your union friends got the message.

Well any way I'm sure there are some nice liberals out there. I used to be one once myself.

Then I read Hayek, DeSoto, and BHL Hart and came to some different conclusions. General Giap was quite helpful. Plus I had the advantage of living through the boat people episode which was front page news every day. While Cambodia did not come out until well after the people there had been overtaken by events. Am I ever sorry I believed Kerry in '71.

Any way. I think the current war is the key issue. Bush seems to have the lead in that category.

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