Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Catching Up With the Past

John Kerry did a lot of anti-war work when he returned from Viet Nam. This is without a doubt a fact. It is an inconvenient fact. There is a war on, don't you know. The AP via Netscape News has the details.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The Democratic Party and 18 senators are objecting to a broadcasting company's plan to air on 62 TV stations a critical documentary about John Kerry's anti-war activities after he returned home from Vietnam three decades ago.

Sinclair Broadcast Group has asked its television stations - many of them in competitive states in the presidential election - to pre-empt regular programming to run the documentary as part of an hourlong program two weeks before the Nov. 2 election.
What they are objecting to is what seems to be electioneering on the main stream media(MSM). Of course when Dan Rather runs a news story with no basis in fact that is not electioneering. It is just an honest reporter making an honest mistake.

Of course the AP goes into the political orientation of the broadcast group airing the show. Because any such airing is political. It hardly looked at all into Dan Rather's politics because he is a "news" reporter.

It is all part of the MSMMD - Main Stream Media Melt Down. The reactor has gone super critical and the control rods are stuck. Uh, oh.

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