Sunday, October 31, 2004

An Explosive Mess

So I'm reading a number of different blogs and the Kerry supporters are going on about the high explosives missing. Now with 400,000 tons already collected, 400 tons or 4 tons or what ever, 156 minus 78 plus 145 located all around but under the control blah blah.

So that doesn't sound too significant any more or that big a mistake.

So they start in on how those are the kind of explosives you use to make nuclear weapons.

Hmmmmmmmmm. Saddam had a nuke program?

Now here is what I know from open sources. I've never worked on bomb design:

Aside from getting your plutonium or enriched uranium you need very carefully controlled explosions. These kinds of explosions do not need any nuclear material. What you do need is a very high speed camera and very powerful very fast electronically controlled probably water cooled strobe lights. And of course a way to make precision molds for the explosives and then you have to get the detonators precisely placed and timed to go off within microseconds of each other. And you take lots of pictures. Ya got to get the fluid dynamics right. And your explosives casting process.

All this can be tested without access to any plutonium or uranium.

So are we saying Saddam had a program for making nuclear weapons? And maybe he disappeared the material? Rumor has it to Syria? Further rumor has it with Russian help?

I'm just sayin.

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