Saturday, October 30, 2004

Kerry is Mobilizing His Base Somewhat

Kerry is having trouble energizing his base. Things are not looking good for the Johnster.

Kerry spoke from a stage set up on the third base line outside of Roosevelt Middle School. Several hundred crowed onto the outfield in the cold wind and occasional rain, although at least twice as many could have fit into the sprawling space set up by the campaign.

Kerry has had other less-than-capacity turnouts in recent days, including an event Friday in West Palm Beach, Fla., and another in Las Vegas last Tuesday.
Compare that with recent Bush appearances in Florida where Bush had to go from halls to stadiums.

Or the latest Bush rally in Ohio with the governator.
Last night, 24,000 people filled a downtown Columbus arena for a rally with California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mr. Bush, and the First Lady.

The crowd roared for nearly eight minutes as Mr. Schwarzenegger — in his only out-of-state appearance on the campaign trail with Mr. Bush since the Republican National Convention — pumped the President’s left arm into the air and waved.

“I love Ohio,” said Mr. Schwarzenegger. “Ohio is like my second home. I won in 1970 right here the Mr. World competition. This city and this state is bringing me good luck. I should come back many more times.”
Other reports I have heard say the shouting went on for a bit longer.
OHIO: ARNOLD [Kevin Holtsberry 10/29 10:24 PM]

Just got back from the Bush Rally at Nationwide Arena here in Columbus Ohio. It is hard to know what to make of these type of things, but the crowd was pumped. If filing a 20,000 plus arena full of screaming supporters who give you a full 10 minute standing ovation means something then I would say Bush is doing well in Central Ohio. When Bush and Governor Schwarzenegger took the stage the crowd simply refused to stop clapping and shouting for some time. Eventually they quieted down and Ah-nold gave a rousing introduction to President Bush.


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