Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The Left Gets Violent in America

What is with the left? As I have pointed out in a previous post: the left has always been violent. We now have more proof.

This one happened in the Communist Republic of Madison, WI. I guess Kerry's mention of Lambert Field has them smoking. He probably meant Camebert Field in France. Where the cheese comes from you know. Why are they taking it out on Republicans? The inscrutable French. The left has managed to get a hate crime law passed in Wisconsin (or at least Madison). Guess who the law will be used against? Thanks to Powerline.

Here via Insty we have Union thugs ransacking Republican Headquarters. Don't they know that stuff like this only generates sympathy for Republicans? Union thugs. Have the Unions figured out why they are in decline? Evidently not.

In Knoxville, home of the great Robert Shaw plant (auto cooling system thermostats and electronic controls for industrial processes)and "Cuppa A Joe" has had a shooting problem. Vandals fired into Knoxville Bush/Cheney headquarters. This brought out the news crews and got the Bush/Cheney team more favorable publicity. What were the vandals thinking? Evidently some people were thinking that such shooting was a good idea. Insty (where I got the link) thinks they are peace activists. I'm not so sure. I think their idea is that it is War on Republicans and Peace for Democrats. Yet they claim to be anarchists. Well some people posting there have left some vile comments. Totally to my taste. Like what wusses the shooters were. And how they would do against the - 101st Death from Above - guys.

I will give updates on the political violence in America as warranted.

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