Friday, September 08, 2006

This is a test

Blogger appears to be down.

This is a test.

Update: 08 Sept '06 2322z

Everything appears to be working again. It also looks like it is taking a while for the fix to propagate across the net. Probably a screwed routing table.


Anonymous said...


Most of the day, I got a white page, when I tried to link, here.

Anonymous said...


There appears to be another "test."

Horses jump hurdles. And, politicians jump hurdles. While a damaged Blair is in Jerusalem, to re-start the "road map" of all things. (It's looks like he stumbles over hurdles, as well.)

In a week, or two, none of this will matter.

But with the Budget vote coming up in the Knesset, all the extortionists are out in full force.

By now? You should be able to read this stuff. THE WEAKEST HORSES, unable to really jump high, use rhetorical skills to blast away at what they don't have. So, Peretz (carrying a deficit of 71% in public support, for him continuing in "defense." And, only 21% of Israel's electorate wanting him to "stay" ... is trying to hurd in all the cats on his team.) Fat chance. But he says "he has a good memory." And, if there's a new election coming up, Peretz actually thinks he'll do better with the public than any other stinker. (And, I shrug. But also agree. About as accurate, here, as flipping a coin.)

While the old men in the Pensioner's party are also saying "they'll bolt."

So what?

Israel Beitanu's Avigdor Lieberman, no schlump when it comes to extortion, is waxing enthusiastic about Olmert's soon to be, change of pace.

This is only a test. But luck may travel with Silvan Shalom. (Not Bibi.) And, there will be a new distribution of portfolios sent by Olmert. To the new horses. That will get to revolve around the race track. Jumping hurdles. What a sport.