Sunday, September 10, 2006

Pakistani Blogger in Canadian Trouble

Isaac Schrodinger needs your help. He is an apostate Muslim trying to get asylum in Canada. It appears that the Canadian authorities are not too sympathetic.

I was presented with a few documents such as the photocopy of my personal file and the supporting papers that I had provided them a few months earlier. A curious two-page document called the Screening Form was also given to me. Basically, in there, my claim was boiled down in a few words. I wasn't satisfied with the summary. In turn, the person(s) who made the Screening Form weren't satisfied with my claim.

For example, a part of the "Claim Description" in the Screening Form:

"PAKISTAN, Punjab, Lahore
Fear is unspecified/unclear
appears to fear persecution because of his anti-Islamic views."

Apparently, I have done an atrocious job of presenting my case. Fortunately, I still have three months to rectify the situation (since I can mail in documents at least 20 days before the hearing).

I asked a few questions about the summary. I was told that it comes down to credibility or rather the lack of it. The Refugee Protection Officer tried to console me by saying that that is the problem with everyone in my situation.

The officer made a phone call to schedule the time for my hearing. She inquired if X day in January is alright. I thought to myself for a second and then asked if it was possible to make it the day after that. The officer went back to the call and in a few seconds answered in the affirmative.

I left the building at 11:30 a.m. Leading up to the meeting, I tried to stay calm but somehow anxiety crept up ever so slowly. When I exited the building, I was mentally tired. I walked to the bus station in zombie-mode.

On the trip back, only one thought echoed in my mind: On my next birthday, I will fight for my life.
If you can offer any support (even just kind words) visit his blog.

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Update: 10 Sept '06 0743z

Captain's Quarters is covering the story. Thanks Carol Herman for the heads up.

BTW the way these immigration depts. work is that a generalized muslim threat will not help. What is needed is incidents in Pakistan.


Anonymous said...

Here’s a couple blogs - -

a young Egyptian girl.

an Egyptian lesbian.

I'm moved by the sentiment of this blog entry of his regarding these voices:

We’re obviously on the cusp of a revolution. Anybody who makes predictions is a fool.

Anonymous said...


Ed Morrissey has this up at his Captain's blog. Reminds me of the job he did for Canadians when the GOMERY commission tried to hide its stuff.

I have no idea what will happen here, but I am impressed that it's running on the Internet, now. At the best sites.

Just keep following this story! The Internet really has this kind of power. (While the Chris Muir cartoon, the Captain carries at the top of his page, says it ALL about Bill Clinton. Where he uses modern art in his background, to get the obvious across.)

Why would Canada have such a strange policy, where it is turning the country over to the Muslems?

Well? Maybe, it shows you another defect from the Vietnam War we do NOT talk about. And, that's all those males who left America, for Canada. To escape the draft. At the time, I remember American women were supposed to notice the "male drain." What with the boost these fleeing men gave to Canadian women.

Now? It sure seems like you get suckered when the breeding stock coming in is made up of men who are looking to run away from the draft. (This did make sense at the time it was happening!) And, it did encourage Nixon, in 1972, to cancel the draft.

But what ya get as the results from all of this stuff, shouldn't just drop off the radar screen.

Sad to see the Muzzy insanities just grow and grow.