Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Hard Smacks of War

Israpundit was discussing the hard lessons learned from the Lebanese and subsequent Gaza withdrawals by Israel. I had this to say:

One positive result of the withdrawals and the subsequent wars is that for most Israelis the illusions are gone. It is hard to argue with reality.

BTW it is socialism (and its corresponding world view) that is at the core of the rot.

Socialism makes no allowance for irreconcilable differences, except when it comes to capitalists. It assumes that all disputes are fundamentally economic in nature and can be solved by an economic deal. Thus land for peace.

Given the deep roots of socialism in Israel, I think nothing else but the hard smacks of war ever had any chance of changing people's outlook.


Anonymous said...


Israel is a technological giant.

That she also has socialism? That's true. But most of it is inside the orthodox grip. So the moneys tend to be misspent.

If there's a flaw, and it's NOT curable; it comes from the ultra-orthodox communities, themselves. Since they keep their kids IGNORANT. I kid you not.

There's nothing taught to this minority EXCEPT diddling in the religious texts. As an old habit? Yes!

One of the things that "saved" the Jews in Europe, is that the men were shunned. They couldn't get jobs. And, yet they didn't turn to alcohol.

Instead, the men turned to "davening." Praying, while standing up. And, shaking back and forth.


Turns out that the Jews grew STRONG WOMEN! And, the men, who only saw their lives "swaying back and forth" supported each other. Praying 3 times a day. With never less than a minyan.

It's cute. They need TEN. And, women and kids don't count.

My dad noticed how America had changed him. He came, here, at age 15. In the summer of 1913 ALL BY HIMSELF. And, he lived a hard-scrapple life. Until he picked up skills. He could cut fur. And, fabric. And, he could do anything with electricity. So once men have skills the only thing better would have been to get a job in the post office. I kid you not.

The Depression was hard on a lot of Americans. Today, we have socialism in place, so that nobody starves. And, nobody goes without medical care. Oh. And, NOBODY goes without an education. My dad went to Night School to learn English. And, enough history to pass the Citizenship exam.

(My mother came here when se was 8. So it was easier for her.) She excelled at school. But had to miss out on college. Going to college only when she reached her 70's. Graduating Brooklyn College at 80.

Others in our family were not so lucky. My dad lost his sister, her husband, and their 3 gorgeous boys to Hilter's Concentration camp. b

This is reality.

Still, I respect that Israel is for ALL JEWS.

I know that some who are born into the ultra-orthodox communities, still leave it, behind. But it's a struggle. In Israel they have outreach. Where Haredi's can go and learn all the schools they were never taught in their religious schools.

But as I said. The Europeans made it very difficult on the Jews. Stole from them, little by little, EVERYTHING. They got no justice. They weren't allowed to own property. They suffered progroms.

But, as I said, they grew strong. Their communities worked. The shtetls were places that held people together.


Socialism, per se, is not the evil. What's gone wrong is the way it's being applied. Since everyone's taxpayer pockets get ripped off. To support outlandish crap. That doesn't pass the smell test.

While countries that produce kids who are srong in math, science, art, writing skills ... you name it ... aren't being denied access to education.

Lincoln had to do it ALL on his own!

So there's something to this method.

While we've created a whole handicapped group in America of victims.

Jews aren't applying NOW for victim status. That was Europe's idea. And, boy are they stuck!

Anonymous said...


I think what I noticed this time about Israel was the "new way" it approached fighting.

ONE: It started off within one minute of the abduction of the two soldiers. (In Israel, they say it "went green light" in 32 seconds.)

TWO: Nasrallah was kept in the presidential palace for some period of time. Lahoud gave him "cover." As did the Iranians. With help coming in from Damascus.

Still these dudes took hits. The Shi'a aren't the same. The UN's not the same. And, "food delivery" to soldiers weren't done all that well. OR? They were done to fool the UN. Deceptive stuff. Where Israel takes the blame. SInce the MSM gives her the "blames" anyway.

Is there still a political fight in Israel? ALWAYS, is the correct answer! Even Arik Sharon faced the extortionists; until he "invented" the new party: Kadima.

And, you'll also notice Vapid Lapid DISAPPEARED. He's gone, now. So are about 8 of his ministers. (In Israeli politics it is here that you find the bodies of some. And, the "survivors." Shimon Peres is a survivor.)

So, too, I'm guessing is Amir Peretz. Since he doesn't speak English ... NOR DO MOST ISRAELIs' communicate in English; this doesn't matter.

It's pretty good to assume that Amir Peretz is building himself a following among groups of people. Including the Iraqi Jews. And, the russian Jews.

Just as an aside, Russian Jews are interesting. They preferred coming to America. But America locked them out, after taking 3-million. (Those 3-million now live in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.) But the bulk of Russian Jews had to choose Israel. Or stay in the wasteland called russia.

None of them get circumsized. None of them practice any "Jewish Rites." Yes. They're Jews. (That's why Brighton Beach, in Brooklyn, really suited them, so.) They're also great in technology. Strong in math and science. And, they live behind the Russian language. Few adapt to Hebrew. Few, too, pick English. Many speak more than one language, though. (As I said, gifted people.) And, able to be fantastic SPOOKS. Since they can go anywhere in Europe; and pee in pubic, without attracting attention.

So, there are Russian bonds that are quite strong, growing in Israel. (AND, I should point out, Arik Sharon's MOM AND DAD were RUSSIANS. I'd bet he could speak Russian. Before the stroke! English came later. Especially with the break Dayan gave him, to spend ten months in England, at military college, 1957-1958. Where he was smart enough to write to Liddell-Hart, and gain a PERSONAL INTERVIEW.

I'm sure Israel's given up on the UN, in toto.

And, what surprised me was watching how Olmert just tossed back the UN chips on the table. Didn't want to discuss "blockade" at a UN table. Didn't want to keep any villages within Lebanon.

While Condi GOT IT WRONG. But her mistakes belong to Bush.

Olmert? Maybe, higher up, in military circles, they do debate the things I see, that have happened.

Israel doesn't want "one week wars." OR 3 day-incursions. THREE WEEKS WAS A GOOD AMOUNT OF TIME. ANd, Olmert, with Amir Peretz, mixed in a lot of diplomatic pants dancing. While the reserves about 1/3 of all reserves were called up. But then they just hung around.

Yup. Up in Northern Israel, where we are told the civilians were living in bunkers.

This experience will toughen those civilians. WHom, I'm sure, are looking for ways to build better bunkers.

While the IDF, using commandos, got into nasrallah's headquarters, and stole the code books, plus the hardware from the computers.

When this "incursion" started the IDF did not have good information on the bunkers and launcher systems that were spread out among thousands of Lebanese Shi'a. Ostensibly, farmers. But many drug traders as well.

And, moving things around to meet the IDF threats, a lot of times Damascus used the MULES that usually carry the countraband.

What do I call the UN "Blue Hats," now swarming around Southern Lebanon? TOURISTS.

25,000 tourists.

And, while this doesn't replace the tourism that Lebanon LOST to nasrallah; it is a start. And, it does expose those savage Muzzies to a whole new range of Blue Hats. Some from China. Some from Poland. Some from France.

It's not exactly how you'd go about rebuilding your threats. However, all nasrallah has is the MSM.

But I notice the Green Helmet Guy is like a silent film actor, when "Talkies" came out. He's not all that adaptable.

Though carting dead bodies around and planting them for photo ops, is up there with the Friday riots ya get when these Muzzies get all wound up by their mullets. And, they come out with their signs.

Just once I want to see the ARROW pointing up on their stinking signs. Because if you think they know what those signs say, you're not paying attention.

So, how come they don't have need for signs in arabic?

All they need are signs to make it onto the nutworks?

Israel's changed "encounter" methods right before our eyes. It's the wave of the future. With as much stuff under the radar as possible.

By the way, things can turn on a dime.

32 seconds to war. Nasrallah was warming up to put on a show at the microphone. And, before his turban was wound on, the Jews began giving him a very painful lesson.

As to the hooey of "politics as usual?" That's typical in Israel's Knesset. Those folks aren't called kindergartner's for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Interesting post about the connection between socialism and land for peace. Although the withdrawals by Israel are not for economic benefit of the Arabs. They are for Israel's benefit. From a security point of view it is better to bomb from the air than have soldiers inside streets fighting guerrilla war.

The recent war in Lebanon proves that Arab villages can become legit military targets once missiles are launched from. Making it easier for a conventional military to fight. Makes it politically hard for the terror org using the villages. And, also does not have the internal and international pressure on Israel against occupation.

M. Simon said...


I quite agree about the Gaza deal.

It was a trap for the Palestinians and a wake up for the Israeli Left.

The Sharon Plan

I think the Iraq difficulties and the Palestinian fiasco have essentially ended the occupation model.