Sunday, September 10, 2006

Hizballah Has Problems

Winter is coming on in Lebanon and there are a lot of Lebanese Shia living in tents.

Nasrallah announced the distribution of money to families, whose homes were hit, as well as a quick restoration of the houses damaged, however, residents of southern Lebanon have many complaints.

Some of the residents that returned to their villages after the war found that the majority of houses were destroyed. Some understand that their true struggle – coping with the frosty winter - is still ahead. "I don't want more medicine. What I want is to have my home restored quickly," says Saada al-Dirani, who lives with her 8 children in a tent that is supported by the only wall left of their house.

Meanwhile, the tremendous amount of military duds that fell on battling areas is also causing problems for Lebanese farmers. "Farming is our source of income, but we can't work because of the danger," said Abu Kasem from the village of Zawter in the southwest of Lebanon.
Is it any wonder that Hizballah is in what the Deputy to Nasrallah called a Transitional Phase?

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