Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Show Me the Plan

I really wish the Democrats had a plan for Iraq other than impeaching Bush.

Currently I'd say we are stuck with no plan to get unstuck. The only fortunate bit out of this situatioin is that our enemies are stuck too. Thanks to Israel holding our flank.

I voted Bush/Obama in the last election (couldn't stand theocrat Keyes). So I'm not a strict party line guy. I'd like to see some constructive suggestions from the Dems. So far all I hear is that they want to start a circus in the middle of a war.

Of course considering that the Rs. did the same to Clinton, I'd have to say payback is a bitch.

Still, I don't see that we should repeat our mistakes every 8 years.

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Anonymous said...


Asking the democraps to come up with a "plan" is like asking a mom and pop store to "come up with a plan" as Wal-Mart's starts to build a big box store near town.

In other words, it's not "ideas" that matter, here. It's the reality that the entire Cold War apparatus has collapsed. And, not just on the Soviets! But ALL the dogs that carried investments, here.

By the way, the GOP isn't in the best shape. Reminds me so much of the losses Lincoln CAUSED HIMSELF, for 4 years worth of Civil War fighting. WHILE OVERLOOKING THE OBVIOUS.

Why is that?

Because you can't re-write history.

The GOP, now, is still not with a strong-enough President. UNFORTUNATELY. He could have done better. But like Olmert, in Israel, he's very happy surrounded by MIDGETS. (Makes 'em look taller. And, for Olmert? Doesn't want to compete with guys who have more hair.)

At least we're on the right road. Just going slow.

And, when 2008 rolls around; if both parties are still sluggish; I do expect that something can happen, ahead. (Like an independent run.)

The NY Post says Bloomberg's eyeing this.

And, ya know what I noticed? Because I've noticed this in Israel.

When Arik Sharon got angry at Likud party politics, he had the clout to form Kadima. It meant he didn't have to deal with 100 lawyer/sheisters; who owned "voters lists."

In other words, among the benefits of being the first one out in a NEW party, YOU control it all. You don't have to kiss somebody's butt hole. The way, in 1968, Nixon had to go and kiss Nelson Rockefeller's.

Ambitions for the presidency always has more men INTERESTED, than can get the brass ring.

And, the Bush just doesn't want to groom the best HOPE and best horse for the 2008 race ... Let's say by firing Condi. And, putting in Guiliani. Bush couldn't handle it, where one man can make public speaking seem so effortless.

FDR owned the ability to tap into a broad spectrum of MAINSTREAM AMERICA. Like it or not. Those were the facts. And, he carried his own GRAND STRATEGY IN HIS HEAD. (Truman was his "Kadima" party move.)

As to Iraq; it's time we put a foot down in the Mideast. And, we STICK AROUND THERE, because the production of oil is so important! Why give the Saudis even more clout? Which would happen if we ran.

And, what's wrong with having an active base? Better in Iraq, than on the moon!

Men need to be trained. New technologies, tested.

And, Iraq is a GATEWAY. (Hitler saw it! Of course, he wasn't going to let anything get in his way! He was into coercion and slavery. Which produce their own long-term problems.)

But being strong. Allowing the Shi'as and Sunni's to battle it out ... is about on par with good police work that you see in Manhattan. Try to take over the mobs? WHY? Interfere with their turf battles? WHY?

But build fortresses. And, sooner or later the locals learn that there's law and an attempt at order.

In all other cases, just controlling mobs is the best you can do.

Cutting and running? A waste of time. You just postpone the inevitable.

Besides, because of Iraq; the iranians are gonna have to find the will to toss what we're told they hate. Their mullets.

If not? Let them look at Lebanon. And, learn.

Israel didn't touch one damn chip in the recent summer BATTLE. Never underestimate what you can learn. (Including, for Israel, how to BUY in terms of intelligence, what she needs from some of the perveyors among the arabs.) That's business.

And, the best stuff flies under the radar.