Monday, September 04, 2006

Have Mercy

Palestinians are complaining that not enough medical supplies are reaching Gaza. Nor are enough Gazans allowed into Israeli hospitals for treatment. Prof. Tzvi Bentwich of Physicians for Human Rights deplored the situation:

Bentwich said tight security measures imposed by the Israel Defense Forces at border crossings is stymieing efforts to replenish drugs stocks in Gaza hospitals and preventing patients from receiving necessary treatment.

"On this matter there is total contempt for human life, even if the Palestinians are being forced to get used to the fact that citizens are dying because of shortages in drugs and treatment, or inappropriate treatment," he added.
Yup. Total contempt for human life. By the Palestinians.
IDF officials said the army is doing its best to ensure the passage of humanitarian aid and cargo into the Gaza Strip despite the tricky security situation.

They said terror organizations place a high priority on targeting border crossings operated by Israel, forcing random closures and disruptions.

"The Palestinians are shooting themselves in the foot," officials said. "Last week a tunnel was uncovered, and apparently it was dug to carry out a bombing attack under a main building at the Karni crossing. In a situation like this it is impossible to open the crossing and allow dozens of Israelis to work there and endanger their lives. We had attacks at the Erez crossing and many others in the Gaza Strip in the past and it is no secret that terror groups have made it their aim to attack border crossings," the officials said.
So what do the Palestinians want? Medical treatment or war? So far it looks like war.

It is the same old story. Judge please have mercy on me. I killed my parents and now I'm an orphan.

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Anonymous said...

Again, if the Palis don't like what is happening to them, they could stop it ANY TIME THEY WANT! All they would have to do is quit killing Jews! But that would be far too sensible