Saturday, September 23, 2006

Regime Collapsing

According to the head of the Iranian Army the Zionist regime is collapsing.

The chief of staff of the Iranian army, General Atallah Salhi, said on Friday that Tehran has detected signs that the "Zionist regime" is falling apart.

"Over the last few months we saw an offensive by the enemy against the Lebanese people and Hizbullah and we then saw signs that the Zionist regime is collapsing, and now we saw signs that the American leadership is collapsing," he said, warning that Iran can defeat Israel.

Salahi spoke during a parade in Tehran to mark "The Holy Defense Week" which marks the start of the Iran-Iraq war.

He addressed Israel and the United States saying: "We are not telling you to be scared of us, but to be careful and learn from your latest
My guess is that it is the Iranian regime that is in difficulty and this little tirade is a cover up.

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