Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Alpha Male Problem

Commenter Nemesis (Owen Johnson) has published part III of his series on the Reasons for Optimism (parts I and II reviewed at A Return to Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear....) in this third section he asks in his own round about way - how is the alpha male chosen in human society. Is the alpha male self selected - though war, coup, assasination, poison intirgue, etc. or is s/he selected by the people with the usual murderous impulses dampened if not eliminated? It is an age old question. The usual answer is natural selection. Election is in fact unnatural selection. Natural selection has predominated over human history. However, the method of murder does not maximize the productive capacities of human societies because of the insecurity of the system. Cuba these days is a prime example. There is no definite method for replacing the alpha male except tooth and claw. This makes everyone nervous when thorough death or disability the time for change arrives. The already lowered productivity of command and control societies is reduced further by uncertainty.

Nemesis discusses the failure of various unity movements in the islamic world. Under emphasised is why that unity is necessary: the low productivity of the Islamic world. Without oil to finance their wars, their influence on world affairs would be microscopic. The intelectuals of the Islamic world of course have been drawn to the command and control political inventions of the West. Marxism, Communism, Socialism, National Socialism, etc. because of the command and control beliefs that they grow up with. The thinking being that "scientific" command and control would be an improvement over the whims of the ruler. This has not proven to be significant in the long run when such societies were forced to compete with societies based on elected rulers (i.e. market based political decisions) and a market oriented economy (market based economic decisions).

In the end all war making capacity is based on economic capacity. Petrolium economies being parasitic can never match the economic capacity of the oil users. In addition, it turns out that petrolium economies are prone to command and control solutions beacuse they do not have to be over all productive. They don't have to earn their oil. Oil income can cover a multitude of sins. However, this is not possible indefinitely. So oil economies are in effect doubly cursed. Add in a belief system that encourages command and control thinking and you have a society thrice cursed. Iran these days is a prime example of that where the government has a plan to replace all secular university teachers with true believers. This will only further weaken an already weak society. Given the whipsaw nature of oil prices any significant downturn in the price of oil will put great strains on any oil economy that bases current spending on oil income. Say Iran for instance.

The whole point of the current exercise is to prevent the world of the Three Conjectures from manifesting. Nemesis looks into where Iranian Nukes might lead us. An ugly place.

I'm leaving out his main premise - which I agree with - that this phase of the war is designed to pick the Islamic alpha male to lead Islam to victory. The pokes at the west are merely to find a general or leader who can be victorious. Once that leader is found the war will get serious. Right now Iran is the main contender, but its position as Persian and Shia creates natural antagonisms. Which is why no matter what actually happened in Lebanon, Hizbollah won the war. Because if Hizballah lost the war Islam hasn't found the strong horse.

Nemesis has part IV up. I will get to it shortly. In the mean time read part III (and I and II if you missed them). Excellent work.

H/T Carol Herman for the heads up on Part III


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SOLUTION: (DNA Nuclear Doctrine): The Nuclear Doctrine of Depopulation of Nuclear Aggressor, warns the Islamic nations that any attack on any civilized nation (“Y”) by Islamic nuclear power (“X”) would result in the mass execution of the entire male population of that nuclear aggressor (“X”) and all women, lands and assets of the Islamic nuclear aggressor (“X”) shall become the property of the nuclear victim (“Y”). Nuke seeking Mullahs of Iran should be given a clear warning that in the event of any nuclear attack by Iran on Israel, the entire male population of Iran shall meet its fate determined by the Depopulation of Nuclear Aggressior (DNA) Nuclear Doctrine.

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The United Nations should pass a treaty declaring that any first use of Nuclear weapons would be a Crime against Humanity and a War Crime. The United Nations should declare that it would supervise the mandatory execution of the entire male population of any Nuclear Aggressor Nation that used nuclear weapons in the preemptive nuclear strike against other Nation.

Doctrine of Depopulation of Nuclear Aggressor, DNA Doctrine is more humane and results in more effective nuclear deterrent, than the Doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction, M.A.D. Doctrine. The M.A.D. doctrine is more destructive as it leads to a nuclear Armageddon. The Victim Nuclear Power would destroy the whole planet in case of preemptive nuclear attack and the resulting Second retaliatory strikes.
Doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction is credible as a nuclear Deterrent and promotes world peace. M.A.D. Doctrine threatens the potential Nuclear Aggressor that the Nuclear Victim of the preemptive nuclear attack would launch the retaliatory strikes against the Aggressor Nation annihilating it. Sufficient nuclear weapons of the Victim Nation would survive the preemptive strikes, enabling the Victim Nuclear Power to launch the retaliatory strike against the Aggressor Nation, annihilating the Aggressor.

Leaders of the fanatic and terrorist Nations are not reasonable and logical. The fanatic Muslim Mojahideen believing in the ideal of Religious War Jihad and could sacrifice their own lives and even their lands, driven by their fury to convert Kefirs. MAD Doctrine will not deter fanatic Terrorist Islamic Nuclear Powers from launching the preemptive nuclear strikes against non-Muslim nations. Thus, the Doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) would fail to provide an effective Deterrent against a fanatic Islamic Nuclear States. Since Islam preaches fanaticism, so even a normal nation like Pakistan under the influence of religious frenzy could become irrational enough to launch preemptive nuclear strikes against Muslim States like Israel and India disregarding the consequences of the Retaliation.

India and Israel should jointly develop a credible Doctrine of Nuclear Deterrent against Islamic Nuclear Weapon Powers. India and Israel should promote the Doctrine of Depopulation of Nuclear Aggressor. We should amend the Laws of War to include the provision of the mass execution of the entire male population of the nuclear aggressors. The problem is how to prevent any future Pakistani and other MAD Muslim leader from making preemptive nuclear strikes. How to stop Pakistan and other Muslim nuclear weapon powers from using nuclear weapons against India and Israel? When the Muslim nuclear nations realize that it could lose its entire male population, if it ever launches a nuclear strike against India, then it would never launch the nuclear weapons.

Mad Muslim terrorists and fanatic Islamic nations could easily buy nuclear components to assemble a nuclear arsenal. Maniacs are irrational and not deterred by any future threat of Second Strike by the victim. Since any Second Strike retaliation would also destroy a large part of the world, the mad leaders argue that the Victim State would lack the Will for launching the retaliatory second nuclear strikes, as it could destroy the World. Because the M.A.D. Doctrine envisages a gruesome holocaust, so mad Nuclear States could launch an unprovoked nuclear attack. Mad nuclear State could argue that because the retaliatory Second Strike Capabilities results into a holocaust, the Victim of the nuclear attack would refrain from pushing the Nuclear Button. Thus logic of an Armageddon promoted by Mutual Assured Destruction Doctrine would become counter productive and fail to deter a nuclear attack by Pakistan and other Mad fanatic terrorist Nuclear Muslim Regimes. India and United States should work to remove Pakistani nuclear scientists that have disappeared in Saudi Arabia, Libya and Malaysia. Pakistan must account for all missining nuclear scientists of Pakistan.

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Pakistan could drop Atom Bombs on Israel or India, either incited by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, or blinded by Jihad spirit to convert Hindus into Islam. Desert Arabs could use nuclear weapons against agricultural societies, arguing that Arabs would survive the nuclear war in desert oases. Arabs attacked Iran, destroyed Zoroastrian Civilization, and forcibly converted Iranian Zoroastrians into Islam. Semite Arab had been a slave in the ancient Egypt Civilization of Brown Pharaohs. Semite Jews and Arab Muslims attacked Egypt to massacre the entire dominant Brown Race of the ancient Egypt. Fair skinned Semite Arab Muslims occupied Egypt and North Africa. Throughout history, whenever Muslims had military superiority they destroyed non-Muslim societies. Before the Islamic conquest Libya and Algeria was the granary of the Roman Empire. Conquest by the nomadic Arabs destroyed the agricultural economy.

The problem as How to deter any future mad Muslim Nuclear Power from using nuclear weapons against Christians, Jews or Hindus, who could be under the influence of the religious Jihad spirit! As explained above, the Doctrine of Mutual Assured Destruction would fail to provide credible nuclear deterrent.

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What should be the response if any small or Micro Islamic State with small population, decide to commit suicide in the name of Islam, launches the nuclear weapons against a very populous Nation? What should be the response, if the Organization of Islamic States, (OIC) or OPEC finances an Islamic State to develop nuclear weapons and use against other non-Islamic State say Israel, Vatican or Mediterranean Europe? Whether the Victim State or its allies could punish only the front nation, who physically dropped the Bomb or the retaliation could be against all conspiring Islamic allies? Should the retaliations be limited to the Proxy enemy the Front Nation, Mini State whose leadership they have bribed to drop the Atom Bomb, or could it be against the entire coalition? Any Arab state that finances Pakistani Nuclear Weapon Program will be considered a joint-aggressor, in case of Pakistani nuclear attack against India. India could retaliate at nuclear level against that particular Arab State.

In Common Law if Organized Crime issues a contract to make the hit, the entire crime organization is considered guilty of crime and is punished. Indian Nuclear Doctrine should unequivocally declare that any nuclear attack by any Islamic State would result in massive nuclear retaliation against the entire hostile Islamic Coalition, specially such Islamic Nations as aided, abetted and financed the Aggressor.

What should be the retaliation in case Islamic nations conspire to sacrifice one Islamic State to wage a nuclear attack on Hinduism and Judaism? What would the retaliation if the Micro State of Palestine (PLO) led by a terrorist, were to drop nuclear bombs on Europe, America, Israel or India, aided and funded by other richer Islamic States? Should the retaliation be limited to PLO? Islamic Nations could select a smaller State having a smaller population, to launch a nuclear attack on a nation of 900 million by proxy. They may argue that even if the nation-state with the population of only five millions, gets destroyed by the retaliatory strikes, it should be considered an acceptable loss, as it helps eliminate an enemy state. What should India’s response be?

Indian Nuclear doctrine unequivocally declares that India will not restrict the populous nation’s retaliatory strikes to the smaller Nation that acted as the front in this Proxy War. Indian will retaliate by using neutron bombs, against all members of the enemy coalition attacked.

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Indian Nuclear Doctrine will declare that the populous Victim of a preemptive nuclear strike has a legal right of counter-strikes against the entire Coalition of hostile Nations. It can retaliate against all conspiring nations, whose combined populations equal the populous Victim.
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Author: Kalki Gaur: American Nuclear Weapon Doctrine © 2006 Copyrights