Thursday, September 07, 2006

Lebanon Blockade to Continue

A lot is being made of Israel's lifting the blockade of Lebanon. The blockade designed to prevent Hizballah from re-arming. Why is Israel discontinuing the blockade? Because UN forces are set to continue the job.

The United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan informed Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Tuesday and Wednesday morning that the multinational force in Lebanon is ready to take over monitoring of the country's sea and air ports.

Pursuant to the announcement, it was decided that Israel would lift the aerial and naval blockade on Lebanon, which have lasted for eight weeks, since the onset of the fighting in the north.

Thursday at 6 p.m., Israel will leave observation posts in the ports. International forces will station themselves there simultaneously. Wednesday night, German security forces are anticipated to arrive at the Beirut airport, with their equipment.

Additionally, the Lebanese government and the UN agreed that German naval forces would deploy along Lebanon's coast. Germany has been waiting for a formal Lebanese request before deploying its naval forces. The Germans will be responsible for enforcing the arms embargo across Lebanese borders.
The question as always is: how effective will the UN forces be? They didn't do much to prevent Hizballah from arming in the first place. The Germans, because of their history with the Jews, has an incentive to be effective.

We shall see.


Anonymous said...

Germany also sells submarines to Israel, so the naval connecting is reinforced. Perhaps more going on than meet the eye.

linearthinker said...

Naval blockade by Germany is ok, who's running the airports? And left unsaid, unless I've missed it, is the eastern border. Is Israel still conducting aerial surveillance and interdiction for stuff moving overland from Syria?
Tonight I'm too lazy to search it out. I'll wait for Carol to tell us.

Anonymous said...


Okay. If you want my advice, I think seige warfare, successful all the way into the ancient past; begins when you have troops to spare for a minimum of two years. And, what you're trying to do is starve people out. So, this "seige" doesn't fit that model.

On the other hand, without a "seige" in place, and with stuff getting through to gazoo all of the time; you'd better guess that most of the ways the arabs use is by mule. And, tunnel. Not by ships at sea.

A lot of this stuff is just media manipulation.

The chances that lebanon will do again, what it just did this summer, would be the test. Because if you say YES. They'll do this as soon as they can, again. Then, Israel go no where.

On the other hand, I say "no." Nasrallah shot his wad. And, just like the interference the Israelis ran in Lebanon; where the infrastructure was hit. The banking for the terrorists was cut back, if not actually destroyed in some places; and, a lot of exposure given to the fake-news-syndrome; I'd say we've seen changes take place. And, that those changes are here to stay.

Yes. We're at war with terrorists. We're also at "war" with gangs. Right here. In America. Where we're building new prisons every day. And, we're putting up the kinds of barriers, where people KNOW in advance, not to mosey into "South Central." For instance. (Ya, know? South Central changed it name. Tourists can't find it on a map.) But do tourists go there? Most tourists manage to stay safe. Just as we do. When we visit, abroad.

The "tourist" industries are big time players, ALL OVER THE GLOBE. So even though you don't know this; a lot is done to keep tourists safe. (Except in Rome. Owned by the mafia. Where stealing your luggage is a piece of cake. And, the thieves know you're not coming back to Rome for their trials. And, without you there, there is a revolving door in place.)

Again. Safety comes to some people through their governments. All others must use common sense.

And, Israel? We're into this UNDER THER RADAR SCREEN approach to war zones. JUST LIKE WE'RE DOING IN IRAQ. Once set up by the MSM as a body-bag count "thing." Today's soldiers have an arsenal of protection surrounding them. And, being stationed in nasty places, gives you certain "credits" to your career. And, while you're stationed in Iraq, say; a smart soldier will study the local language. And, come out ahead. Futher on down the line. IF he chooses to make a career out of army life. It really has job opportunities. Please don't forget the reason you get up in the morning to go to work, in the first place.

Why UNDER THE RADAR? By fighting in ways that don't call attention to what you're doing, let's you move in with small forces. Get jobs done. And, go on your way.

If I'm right, you'll see the future will have wars in them. And, police actions, too. Where a lot can be done on very thin dimes. (It costs less.) And, it's more efficient.

Lebanon, ahead? At least 25,000 UN troop-sters; counting their support personnel. Living right next to Israel. Instead of the hezbollah nutters. I'll bet ya that "rock throwing crapola" doesn't recur, either. And, the foreign presence stays long enough that a few generations ahead, it won't be called "foreign" anymore.

Syria's in way more trouble than Lebanon. It has no natural resources. It's strictly the middle-man in a very corrupt system.

And, in syria, the Shi'a, in the minority, control. The Alawites are Shi'a. As in a different sect. Where we've learned in Christianity, too. The barriers between the different faiths create the frictions that if they don't lead to wars, lead to mafia gangs controlling. (But mafias can control stuff only one block at a time.)

By the way, Israel keeps its options open. IT DID NOT DESTROY BEIRUT! The airport? Took a few pot holes. But the BILLION DOLLAR TERMINAL was left, alone. That's why Lebanon can re-open for business so soon.

Oh. Lebanon's "main source of revenue" is its party lifestyle. The best booze and drugs money can buy. WHich is also the mainstay of syrian contraband. That comes through, usually on trucks when there is no surveillance. But by mules, and through tunnels, when there is.

We do not know the harms done to the tunneling system, though.

The entire Israeli Defense Establishment is working to minimize damage from the tunnels. But this is UNDER THE RADAR. So, I do not know. But I can guess.

I'd even guess in gazoo, when things get really, really bad; a lot of the palestoolians will crawl underground to get to eygpt, where they try to flee. And, if one day some of these tunnels become conduits for the Meditterainian, I'd just ask, WHY NOT?

They did holes. Someday water can find equalibrium. Peace is not at hand.

But whatever happens expect it to be UNDER THE RADAR.

And, expect that the MSM has already lost interest. Where can they go? They can't win pulitzer's on their faked photos, now can they? Or their faked Jenin or Qana massacres.

After those two dudes were kidnapped, and forced to convert, a lot of the media midgets fled gazoo. Are you surprised?

While our President has set the gold standard for drawing up the drawbridge. And, not engaging with the Press.

(Except NOW. He wants to make an Oval Office speech, 9:01 PM, on 9/11. Eastern time. Just as ABC dithers if it should show the buildup to 9/11 ... given how upset this has made Bubba. Oh, my. Such decisions. (With hundreds of free DVD's of this show in an UNCUT version, circulating, anyway.)

The last time we had any situation this big, it was back in the 1950's, when Playboy was threatening to publish. And, the centerfold then? Marilyn Monroe. (The "shelf life" award? Says with Playboy.)

But sure. Commenting is fun when you get a sense of the truth. And, you can smell propaganda a mile away.