Saturday, September 09, 2006

Hamas Under Severe Strain

Palestinian blogger Osaid Rasheed has a few words to say about the current state of affairs in Gaza/Palestine.

For how long can Hamas Government stay ? The whole international community is united against them, except for Iran and Syria and very few countries. They have been elected to 'cause change' and get rid of the very corrupt Fatah-led government, but until now they have done almost nothing.

Hamas's 'ideas' appear to be lacking every logic. Hamas's structure might not be that bad, yet their goals and ideas as a Palestinian party are very far from reality. The call to "destroy Israel" cannot be rational. Calling for war against Israel is also not a rational step. I believe they have very serious mistakes for which they will have to reconsider many things.

For how long they can stand all these tremendous pressures on them? The problem is that the pressure is on the PEOPLE, not on Hamas itself alone. Will they consider this and check for how long can these poor Palestinians stand ?

It is time for newer voices in the Palestinian political life. We do not need more corruption and more dreams, we need to live just like other people. Live under the law , united, and free.
So there are rational Palestinian voices out there. Not enough yet.

Another report of the severe strain on Hamas also comes from Osaid Rasheed blogging as Palestinian Blogs:
Almost 100% of all Palestinian employees have been on strike since few days. Even hospitals and clinics ( in addition to schools ) are not receiving patients ( except the Urgent ones I suppose ).

The reasons for this strike appear to me to be more political thatn related to the declared aims. This is another form of adding more pressure on Hamas Government, and it is a very successful one !

We are again floating in chaos . I cant see in this strike anything except more disregard to human life.
The declared aim is to get paid for work. Since the strikers work for the government a political element is inevitable.

Like all siege warfare in the beginning the besieged are in a position of strength. Then as the siege continues and resources are used up and not replaced the besieged get weaker faster than those maintaining the siege.

It is hard to see the military calculations that went into the Hamas position. Evidently they were counting on the Israelis not changing their war fighting policies rather than looking at Israeli capabilities.

The same mistake Americans made with reference to the Japanese before 7 Dec 1941. The method of intentions is discredited in American intel analysis these days. It is usually too much to ask that enemies remain stupid. However, with a few exceptions (who are usually ignored in favor of fantasy) the Palestinians have an unbroken record.

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Anonymous said...


People who ply propaganda as a trade, don't believe what they say. Just as, I'd bet, any piece of paper Sandy Berger retrieves from his pants pocket; no matter what kind of show he puts on. Is there to fool you. That's all.

And, that's just one example.

Another. In a whorehouse an orgasm doesn't bring you to the love of your life. Nor does the gal expect anything for her services, but money. When women are asked why they do this, some say "they have no education. And, they have to eat."

While in gazoo, something, in fact, has happened! It's like a delayed reaction to 9/11. To discover, for instance, that America is not alone, being attacked by a crazy cult religion steeped in death. Add to this that the women are kept as goats. And, all the men get out of it for "belonging" is that some other dude on their block controls under some banner. With guns. And, parents don't even seem to care about their kids. In other words. IF this were a whorehouse. It would make some sort of sense. Since pregnancy isn't a desired outcome to a "cash transaction."

And, men who are forbidden knowledge about sex. And, science. But get their goats provided early in life; have ONLY ONE THING THEY SEE AS A BENEFIT. All intelligent, and free-thinking women, are killed by their own dads. Or brothers. What passes for the feminine, here, are DISCIPLINED GOATS.

And, baby. That's it.

It's also a hard habit to break. If men are raised to expect females to kow-tow to them. To take beatings as coming their way through due course ...

It's not different from what Catholic priests DIDN'T KNOW! In other words, men who are committed not to have sex with women; are going to produce some pretty strange ideas. And, for a long time these ideas had currency.

Until, one day they did not. Today? Maybe, there are still some people out there who adhere to the oldest of fashions. But once women could get the birth control pills from their doctors; a wholesale change took place in society.

Back to gazoo. Too many centuries behind the curve to catch up.

But the money raised in Europe still has to travel through the hands of people like Chirac. So very little of the "charity" collected comes home.

Add to this that nasrallah made an error, when he, too, went into the Israeli soldier kidnapping business. And, while Israel still hasn't gotten back her soldiers, yet ... What time is doing to the palestinians, and the idiots in Lebanon, is what happens when you're fighting at the losing end of arguments.

You don't think so?

Well, I take what arabs say with lots of salt. If they "say" their sending money. I doubt the check is in the mail. And, when the two FOX reporters got kidnapped, I noticed that all the useful idiots from CNN, etc., seemed to have high-tailed it out of gazoo. You didn't notice this?

You didn't notice that the fake photos burned the AP and Reuter's. And, even though no one apologizes; what's missing is the follow up. So I guess Reuter's, et. al., aren't quite paying their farm boys with bonuses? Huh? The Green Helmet Guy's career seems to have stopped, too? I wonder if he has an agent? And, if his agent can tell us what's behind the sudden lack of details from all those staged events? The stringers are on strike, now?

While as those two FOX reporters were waving and saying such nice things about all the "support" they got from the locals, they sure high-tailed it into Israel pretty fast, huh?

Well, if you want to be successful, you need more than the photo ops.

And, I am reminded the short-shrift President Bush id recently to Mubarak's son. Who flew all the way from Cairo. For a special WHite House appointment. AND, THE KID GOT FIVE MINUTES!

Sometimes, you can tell by the size of your greeting; the length of time your hand is held in a handshake. And, espcially if protocol walks you in one door, and you're out the other, outside, again. In five minutes.

So, what's going on?

Sure, there are tunnels between Gazoo and Cairo. Sort'a. Not quite the whole 30 miles. And, once the Palestinians hit Eygpt-land they get the greeting as if the Eygptians just saw Moses. They let the rabid freaks collect in the desert. They don't send water. Or tents. And, finally what are the Palestinians gonna do?

One thing the thought they didn't need was that wonderful beachfront properties left by the Jews.

Which is what mafias bring to neighborhoods. TOTALLY LAWLESS. And, no hope in sight. There's nothing built into the ROP, anyway. Except that the mullahs want it all. And, then they'll suggest, because there are way too many mouths to feed. That putting bomb belts on infants is a great way to make points with Allah.

Personally, I think they ought to hire those democratic lawyers who are fussing about the 9/11 ABC mini-series. They need more lawyers. And, they need to complain to their alloo-akbarker ... because their fruity tootie deal looks pretty sick to me.

Now, if you can find an angle where they "could" succeed, I'd bet a Nobel would come your way in a hurry.