Monday, September 11, 2006

This Means War

I remember that day (9/11) well. My mate called me over to the TV to look at the first plane hit. I said that that was rather unusual. Strange accident.

After watching a while I saw the second plane head in. Before it hit I told my mate "This means war".

It is strange that so many don't get it.

H/T reader Paul for reminding me.

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Anonymous said...


Bush has as his friends, the saudis. So there's war. And, then there would have been a mess in WW2, if FDR was taking orders from Tokyo.

Meanwhile, Liddell-Hart got it right.

We went soft because of the a-bomb. Because there's a mistaken belief that wars can be had on the cheap.

And, we're overlooking how we process in new immigrants; given quite a run to lots of turkeys.

But I did have a good college professor, once, who explained a view of America I had not seen. He said we were the veritable place on earth that attracted souls from everywhere. And, everyone had a niche. Or, what he said "was a gathering umbrella." And, in our system no one's special interests (their umbrella), got to have prominence over any other.

I still agree with that.

So, it's just a question of how far the Muslems can go, here. Where so much is dependent on "doing business." (I've seen an arab having to fold his tent. Because so many customers just didn't enter his store.)

Yup. Happened at Rosemead Blvd., and Huntington Drive. In a busy Pasadena Mini Mall. I think in the six months the poor guy had his lease, no one came in to shop. While it's one of the busier Trader Joe stops.

There came a time (the man's whole family) were coming to work. That he took out a stainless steel cooker. And, he made fresh specialties. And, still there were no customers.

Some things you just cannot force.

While what we tend to do is create layers. Where you have slums. And, they get surrounded. While, within them, just two, "the bloods" and "the crips" have about 100,000 within their fighting units. But it's all contained within South Central.

It's not as if our government is learning to live with this "problem," which doesn't lend itself to co-existence. But it does increase the number of prisons being built. Perhaps, one day we'll have more prisons than elementary schools?

Border checks? English as the language taught in schools. (Well, there will always be better schools, and worse ones. And, the better schools encourage higher real estate prices) ... so it's not as if there's a bridge to correcting this problem. Hasn't been invented, yet.

While Bush has two years to go. And, he's still taking orders from the saudis.

While Olmert just did brilliant work in Israel. HOWEVER, it's not something that's gonna get advertised. This stuff when its done best FLIES UNDER THE RADAR.

Liddell-Hart called it CAMOPHLAGE WARFARE. And, he said the WEST will have to redesign how it trains its troops. Because the future of fighting is to fight guerrillas.

Liddell-Hart said we got spoiled by WW2. When we used the a-bomb. And, thought the future of warfare would be on the cheap. BIGGEST MISTAKE WE EVER MADE. That's why the COLD WAR is such a dufus arrangement. And, the democrats, who sailed under this banner, are watching their ships run aground.

Now, what did Olmert do that matches the textbook example of Liddell-Hart. (And, that, if you've been reading my stuff, you KNOW that Arik Sharon had a personal meeting with Liddell-Hart way back in 1958.) That's a long time for stuff to bubble up the military mind set. GOOD FOR ISRAEL!

And, Olmert? Bush was all hot for Olmert to take out the shi'a pet rock, assad. And, turn syria over to the sunnis. FAT CHANCE!

Bush is now very mad. But what's he got left? Two years? Before he joins his dad as a Bush non-entity president? We're sort'a sitting on spots where the Shi'a were showing teeth. So the saudis gave Bush "permission" to take them out. Sort'a.

Iran's gonna dissolve in a mess. Because the koo-koo-nutter can't deliver on his promises to the iranian people. And, it seems there's a tiring, now, of this crescent shaped dream that was supposed to stretch through all the garbage collectors (shi'a tend to be at the bottom of arab barrels) ... To where, who knows? If the shi'as fail, could the kurds get emboldened?

Will oil always be priceless? Do you know we just found giant reserves in our own Gulf of Mexico?

The saudis, meanwhile, evolved a system where they just keep birthing princes. What happens when a few thousand become BIGGER? And, remain clueless to work? Hmm? Just being Bush's best buddy, isn't gonna ring too many bells ten years from now.

Nor will having crappy and expensive college credentials help, much.

Given how ANGRY Americans are at what they perceive to be a threat. While in some communities, sure. Inroads. Especially a Polish community near detroit. Who now have to live with the deranged sounds of alloo-barking five times a day. Doesn't make friends in the surrounding areas. Fer shur.

WHile africa herself is wasted away by the inroads of islam. But that's not all. After it's over, what you'll see is that terrorists don't know diddly squat about running things.

So they run them into the ground.

First to go, ahead? Not syria. That's still the black-mareteers cash cow. But iran. Can implode. As well as explode.

And, chasing nukes is useless. Use them and you kill too many people. You have nothing on the ground.

While if you fight the way Liddell-Hart says will bring success to the WEST. You train only small groups of troops. To go in and get the hell out. TAKE NO TERRITORY. You don't need to own what's not yours. Let the Muzzies CHOKE on territory. Their skills are on par with the American injuns. And, you know how far they got on "territory."

We won't be fighting wars the way we use'ta.

And, it seems the "journalists" are leaving lebanon and leaving gazoo. Who knew? But it doesn't pay to work in hell holes. And, that leaves the work to be done TO PROFESSIONALS. Who will make no waves. Everything is designed to fit under the radar.

WHile the hell holes on earth have names. Go see gazoo.

Olmert's doing okay.

And, we shall see what's ahead. Because the Muzzies are coming to Rama-dama-ding-dong. A month that might begin with the largess of prisoner exchanges. (Without which they have nasrallah's problem. The one that started his summer adventure. His home boys were losing their morale. And, they wanted Israel to cough up prisoners.)

Olmert will. They're free samples. To those who think that Jews are apes. ANd, idiots. The returning prisoners know better. Because they survived in captivity. And, grew fat. They were treated in ways they know arabs don't treat prisoners. And, some of them, when they asked for textbooks, to while away the day, got them. And, those that wanted prayer books and rug-lets? Got them, too.)

Great lessons. Taught originally by Ulysses S. Grant. The savior of the UNION. The man who made Lincoln what he is today. Shy and introverted, was he, too.

So, too, was Arik Sharon. Shy. Introverted. And, adding chapters and verse to the IDF's handbook of mlitary training. (And, so much of it was kept secret.) How do you keep the best secrets? You put the books up on the library shelves.