Saturday, September 02, 2006

Victory or Defeat?

Lots of folks confuse bad situations in a war with defeat.

It is like saying the Battle of the Bulge was terrible so let's throw in the towel.

Bad situations are very common in war. In fact it is what war is about: creating bad situations for your opponent.

Defeat is when you let bad situations convince you to give up (assuming you still have the power to resist). Victory is adjusting your plan and sticking it out until the other guy no longer has the will or if that is not sufficient the means to resist.

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Anonymous said...


Defeat is a misnomer.

From tales out of the Civil War; where journalists lambasted Grant (because they could.) Should be taught in schools. To warn school children about how IGNORANT people who climb onto megaphones/mircophones, began to do this harm. Circa 1861. So, we're now 150 years post-haste.

The journalists, especially those crawling about down south, around the Mississippi, never caught onto Grant's GREATNESS. Instead, the weak in DC, all having access to the front pages of newspapers and magazines, berated Grant for being a drunk. Winning without reason. They thought of him as "inept." And, they sold these stories across the USA.

While Lee "dressed the role of their type of hero." But the honest truth won out in the end.

And, Lincoln, going through the dark years, where he had to correct his own misinformation, in his own head, benefitted from the growing time it took Grant to UNIFY the UNION into victory.

He bypassed the press! Because, as I said, they were focussed on the East. While GRANT, choosing Sherman, (after finding out how many generals also disappointed, him, too.) MARCHED UP THE CONFEDERACY'S REAR.

Using lots of deceptive tricks. But, as I said, WORKING FROM BEHIND. Getting into the "rear" is good. Nobody's got eyes back there. And, no one has eyes in the backs of their heads, either.

So that's how we WON.

And, the journalists from that time are all forgotten.

What's ahead? If history teaches us lessons? The battle has got to be ACCEPTED as UGLY. Not one waiting for the enemy to fall; while debates go on. (That was Halleck's specialty. Along with very successful self-promotion.)

Every battle America has WON, comes from learning Grant's lessons. (Which including, after you got UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDERS, to let the enemy troops GO HOME.) Well, it beat opening up prisons. And, trying to feed tens of thousands.

That's why "prisoner exchanges" are good for Israel, too.

Those who go back; as Confederates did, are weakened by surviving to utter defeat. They're the best voices against continuing to fight. So, swallow this one. It's a very good pill.

You defeat enemies from within, as well as from without. Sending people back (who survived time in Israeli jails), is the best defense you've got against propaganda.

And, eventually, enough people wise up.

When the day comes that Americans begin learning OUR OWN WONDERFUL LESSONS from history; we will finally kick Marx, the pinko's, and the old fashioned 'reds' ... out'da here. Schools will be better. Books read by students will excel. Instead of the current dead tree stuff.

I didn't get smart on my own. In other words, I'm not making what I say UP. I've learned from Liddell-Hart. From biographers of our great generals.

And, I've compared how Ulysses S. Grant was so unique; and is now taught in military colleges in the West. Patton adopted his stuff. (While Grant at Shiloh used Wellington's approach to Napoleon!) Shows ya. How you can learn from the past! Just drop the scales from your eyes. That's all.

And, be willing to do the hard work. You're not on an easy plateau. Learning's an uphill experience. Like gaining traction in math. (There, i used to call it "pulling me over the hot coals.) BENEFITS ARE WORTH IT! We will succeed. Trust me on this. The truth always wins, in the end.