Friday, September 22, 2006

Pirelli calendar 2006

I haven't done the Pirelli Calendar for a couple of years so I think it is time to revisit that delightful confection of European sensibilities and artistic photography (naked women).

Here is a link to the latest calendar.


linearthinker said...

My browser must be broke. The calendar pitcher don't have no days or numbers on it...and, that gal seems to have lost something...I surely hope she finds it.

Anonymous said...


Okay. I guess for men the calendar works. Me? I see myself naked anytime I want to. And, once you've seen one naked woman, you've seen them all.

By the way, Pirelli's photographs are like Vogue's. Defined more as art than reality.

Meanwhile, my new Liddell-Hart book came today. Written by Azar Gat. Associate Professor, Political Science Dept., Tel Aviv University.

And, one of the first things I read is that our military gained experience from HENRY FORD.

In other words, American innovation in industry spills over into innovative ways of large scale warfare.

By the way, there's no way of foretelling the future. So there's no book out there that tells you "what happens next." Only that there's been enough changes these past two hundred years, in terms of warfare AND police actions; that you get to draw YOUR OWN CONCLUSIONS.

Like the naked lady, it's all in the eyes of the beholders.