Sunday, September 10, 2006

Transitional Phase

The deputy head of Hizballah in Lebanon has a few words for the world

The amount of rockets fired by Hizbullah during the war with Israel was only 10% of the organization's arsenal, Deputy to Hassan Nasrallah, Na'im Kassam said on Sunday Morning.
I wonder how he figures that. Israel said it destroyed 2,000 rockets. Since such reports tend to be unreliable, let us assume zero destroyed. We do know that 4,000 rockets were fired in the war. That would have made his pre-war arsenal 40,000. The largest pre-war estimate I saw was 15,000. I'd say as usual Hizballah was blowing smoke.

Now for the really thick smoke.
In an interview with the London-based paper "E-Shrak El-Awat," Kassam said that the organization will continue to resist the challenges placed by Israel, but said nevertheless that the resistance was currently in a transitional phase.
In other words Hizballah is broken. As I have suspected all along.


Anonymous said...


Now, who is the audience? If the a-rab is talking to his own phonies everyone knows the game. And, then they go home and beat their wives, so they can come back to holy-roly prayers with something to brag about, while they're washing and peeing on their feet. (Honest. Their urinals are on the ground. Good for squatters, too.)

Anyway, Israel, in the first 48 minutes of air power fighting, took out MOST of the launchers. And, everything they saw from satelites. Since the "long rangers" didn't fly. Because you just can't hide the launching trucks for these 20-foot-long suckers. (Okay. Maybe, if you put them at a carnival. Near the cotton candy machines.) Fakers.

On the other hand, the smaller rockets, of those they've got a lot left. But they degrade. And, weren't accurate. And, if you read any Israeli site that contains some military analysis; you'd see there was a decision to let those suckers fly. Half landed in Israel-Arab villiages (because the arabs complained that the Jews used air-raid warnings to STOP EVERYTHING on Memorial Days. For the Holocaust. And, for those who died in battle protecting the state. These sirens go on for FIVE MINUTES. People stop in traffic, and, no matter where else they are. And, publicly stand in silence for the duration. So the arabs had no signalling system. I'm scratching my behind now to show you how much I care.

The other death toll went to the COW. From the thousands of missiles, 15 Israelis lost their lives. (More died in car accidents. But you're not asking that question, are you?)

So from both North and South, the smaller missiles ... which fit through the tunnels ... have no accuracy that it would be worth spending BILLIONS on laser technology. And, the IDF is still functioning North and South. With training Liddell-Hart would call CAMOPHLAGE WAR. Hit and run. Destroy infrastructure. Take out their top performers. Especially bomb makers. And, announce, freely, that you have withdrawn. (When it works. The lady doesn't get pregnant.)

Why is Lebanon bragging, now? Because that was its ACE. Oddly enough IF Israel was gonna do something to the nuke installations in iran; those missiles were always a promise "something's gonna fly in your rear.) And, without knowing what those missiles could do; it was a "pretty good" deterent. BUT IT DIDN'T WORK THIS SUMMER!

Now, let's ask "why?" PERHAPS ASSAD FEELS THREATENED IN HIS PALACE, hmm? So Israeli, of all people, are being given a warning not to return to the fields of battle. And, soitenly not to hurt the giraffe's neck. Which is there because the REST OF THE CANCER IS WORSE.

I've heard of surgeons opening people. And, then just shutting the door. (It happened to Einstein. The cancer had spread beyond any ability to do much about it). So the doctor got himself good and sick. And, cancelled all his cases for a month. (Some people are very sensitive.)

Here? Olmert and Amir Peretz don't look sensitive to me. However, they're great at meetings! These guys are so experienced; I'm reminded of Ronald Reagan's good card. The one he held when he gave up acting; before he became governor. HE WAS A UNION BOSS. Could sit in a chair bargaining contracts for days. Until everybody else fell asleep. But he only appeared bored. Never was. Greatest actor in a job of consequence. Due to his experiences as a UNION BOSS.

Do not underestimate Amir Peretz. (Even though he doesn't speak in English. So I don't know if he has an orator's tongue; to go with the magic of getting hefty slices of core constituents in Israel, behind him. How many? Well, there are 3-million russians. And, a big, huge hunk of Sephardic Jews; who come from the swath that covers Iraq to the Westerly tip of Africa. Don't discount the people who vote. And, how they choose.

Now that Likud's Central Committee is as dead as a doornail. And, next time out, with new parties, both Olmert and Peretz OWN the list they present to the public. If you think Bibi wins you're into betting on very lame horses.

Anonymous said...


You know, I've noticed that kidnapping those two FOX American Journalists, something happened, here. Besides just religious conversions.

First, Murdoch FORBID any stories to be brought to his shows, about the dynamics of the plight of the kidnapped victims.

Then? $600,000 to some creep named "dogmush" who headed the league that bravely kidnapped these unarmed dudes; and, of course, threatened their lives if they didn't convert ... WHAT DID IT BRING TO GAZOO?

Because I'm noticing this. All the presstitutes are GONE. (Maybe, they don't want to be converted?) Maybe, they're gone because Murdoch refuses to cut any checks?

But I also notice the Green Helmet Guy hasn't been hired, recently, either. Someone should call his agent. If you lose publicity, in some media environments, you're gone like the Jerry Springer Show.

Which is just what I think happened here. Suddenly Rueter's is suffering from the hit it took from their faker-stringer photographers.

Reminds me of Castro. Not the convertible. Somehwere in cuba. Propped up, occasionally, for photo ops. And, I'm thinking. Why didn't the russians think of that with Lenin's pickled corpse. Imagine if it was made to look like that insane dude got a license to live forever, huh?

Think what you could do with the electronics.

While the media, injured, is also off somewhere, trying to recover. But I think they're just dying in bed.

The news we used to get is GONE.

Add to this the GENIUS of Liddell-Hart's observations; on how nukes are useless military tools. There's no such thing as a "cheap war." And, states, (written in 1954), would be facing wars from guerrillas. So it's wise to learn how to fight them.

How, so? Begin by forcing them to occupy territory. (Notice, too, how fast Israel was in giving back stuff it socked to rubble.) We're beyond the SUCCESS of Disengagement now.

We've moved into the present. That will look like the future. And, guerrillas, once they are identified, will live like nasrallah, in a hole. Or esle? When he comes out, he meets the laser light. (Not to take out kayushka's, ya know. Developed for a much more delicate operation.)

Time for me to make some coffee.

And, to kvell. Arik Sharon met Liddell-Hart in 1958. Sharon was about 29 years old. From that time forward, given his training and his knowledge ... and that he went out of his way to present himself to Liddell-Hart for a LIVE MEETING ... You just have to wish you were a fly on the wall.

Because? Israel's got the right handle, now, on how to deal with non-state terrorists. Who live ON territory. That kills them to KEEP.

Let alone their inabilities at KEEPING UP. Keep reminding yourself GAZOO is territory. And, it is sapping the strength of what used to be free-floating terrorists.

By the way, if you don't understand this, that's okay. Because even in our Pentagon, among the swivel-chairs, the asses couldn't get there without passing through military colleges ... Hence, they know of Liddell-Hart. And, the BRITISH FULLER! (I'm getting a book I just spent $66 on, at Amazon. Because it compiles stuff of Fuller's and Liddell-Hart.)

Become afraid. When I read stuff like that I pour from the mouth like crazy. But you don't have to listen.

Anonymous said...

Up your meds Carol.