Monday, September 04, 2006

The Vigilantes Arrive

I discussed a little about airline passengers taking security into their own hands at The Three Conjectures Revisited .

In Britain, which is much more PC than America, it appears that whitey is not going to put up with further Muslim inroads into society, no matter what the government says.

FAR-RIGHT extremists have adopted the tactics of Islamic jihadists by posting videos on the internet in which they threaten to behead British Muslims.

The films show balaclava-clad white British men brandishing guns, knives and clubs, calling on all Muslims to leave the United Kingdom or be killed. One appears to be a soldier who has served in the Gulf.

In one film a man tells Muslims to “go home” or risk being burnt alive. He threatens: “I’ll cut your head off,” and claims to have “comrades” across Britain who have “had enough”.

The videos have all been made since the arrest three weeks ago of suspects connected to the alleged plot to blow up transatlantic jets. Their style mimics the “martyrdom videos” of Islamic radicals talking about their plans for terrorist outrages against the West.

The release of the videos on YouTube, an American-based open-access website, coincides with reports of a rise in the number of attacks on mosques.
This is looking more and more like the 30s where the communists fought the fascists in the street.

I think it points out a bigger problem. Where the government cannot provide sufficient acceptable security the peopole will band together to provide their own. Our left today is blind to the possible repercussions to their "what war? it is all wag the dog" attitude.

If the government doesn't take care of business "death squads" are the result. The really unfortunate part is that the leftists themselves will be a major target because they are easier to find.

H/T reader Paul


Anonymous said...


I'm actually expecting something different; because the right-wingers, if they're not jibber-jabbering their religious cultish stuff; tend towards cowards, in masks, like the KKK. (And muslems aren't Blacks. Or Jews. Where you can go on thre rampage and kill them. While they cower.)

What I do expect is going to look like "pranks." (Not IRA violence. For that, by the way, you need to go to Belfast. Catholic Ireland. This isn't in the UK.) But college kids are everywhere!

And, you bet. Give it a "holy month" and you'll see stuff with lard cans. And, dropping pants. And, computer hackers. And, flat tires. And, the stuff that will drive the Muzzies mad.

In other words, while they're inside praying, someone shuts off the lights. And, let's the smelly gas make people gag. While someone else steals all the shoes. Or, glues the locks on the car doors. Or sets off all their car alarms, at once.

And, that's just for starters.

The real McCoy? Meanwhile, this will repeat like the Masonic Rites. With secret meetings. Hand shakes. And, stuff. Probably heavily male, too.

And, ya know what? Conversions to get in the door! It will be a joke. WIth all sorts of mischief.

Then, on the more serious side. No BUSINESS.

I actually saw that one, here. Since people don't want french fries, but freedom fries. They don't want falafel, either. Where once an arab could open a food court, now he can do it and starve to death. No customers come by.

Yes. Just like it transpired in Pasadena, a few years ago, already. Right near Trader Joe's. An arab family opened a deli. They sat there for the term of their lease; I think six months. Without a customer. Whle customers flowed out of all the other stores in the mall. Including the anchor, Trader Joe's. With a Petco, that also sees volume business. In other words a FULL PARKING LOT. And, an empty store. You can learn from these "business models."

A lot of arabs face disaster in America, because they can't get that toe-hold. Where they're financially able to grow. Invest in property. And, grow some more. Pasadena? You should see how well the Oriental Community has done. Growing out of a base in Monterey Park, you would not recognize, if you drove by here, anymore. THRIVING. But not for arabs. For arabs? Buh bye.

I'll bet the same is true, if not worse, in Europe.

Of course, what makes it worse is that Europe is a socialist's basket case. The couples have only one kid. So, there ya go. The White community is shrinking. While the older people NEED the younger workers to support the untenable welfare state.

Nothing stays static.

But when you reach the need to expand; and there are people living there, the middle class either kicks out the slums. Or the slums overtake good neighborhoods. In one case things GO WELL. And, the other they go to hell.

But we're just recognizing the iceberg, ahead. Maybe, that's why Pluto is no longer a planet? Scientists can diferentiate between planets, and icebergs. And, if you're on the Titanic, the label that says "she will not sink" is a misnomer.

Israel is on the front line of terror. Oddly enough, with all the official hatred towards Jews, there's a growing healthy respect for Israelis. This should be teaching others that when people FIGHT BACK they're feared, if they are not loved.

The Muzzies? With what will they fight? Extremism is eating them alive from the inside. What they have, however, are DISCIPLINED GOATS. This is what keeps the men,who do have self-esteem problems, connected to the "faith." Where they are guaranteed their own "rosebud." Even though they also lack dating skills.

While in the West a lot of men are lonely. It's hard to connect to the girl of your dreams.

Muzzies don't dream. They think sex involves "ready, aim, fire" at the rosebud. And, when they miss they're Greek.

The trouble with Islam is that it doesn't contain love. Just a death cult. Leaves people bereft, to a large degree, of their sanity. Who are they gonna believe? Their screaming mullets? And, the terror the lowest common denominator has within the group? Just like Black ghettos. Full of dispair. And, violence. (With the mullets actually explaining to men how to beat their wives, so they don't break important bones. And, put their goat into disability, unable to keep on working hard.)

Why do those women accept it? Because their fathers and brothers kill the ones who dare to love. Who dare to have opinions.

And, the men? They know it's all about "belonging" ... so that in the mosque they also get business deals.

Did they once think they could also take control? Ditto, the Black ghettos. Which now just fester, here.

By the way, where will the Muzzies go? You think they'll jump into the sea and swim home? My guess is that they're just as capable of exploding and going for the martyrhood. Which the Saudis pay for. Because this creates the chaos. How will their lives look, ahead? Try Gazoo.

And, try on for size that the ISraelis know they don't get MSM support. But the coverage, even as positive as it is for the jerks. From Gazoo. To Jenin. To Lebanon. It's not selling their way of life at all.

Mark Steyn's best line about the two converted FOX journalists. He was wondering when they'd convert back to journalism? Since no matter what sham religion they quote, they're not believers EVEN IN THE WORK THEY DO. DO. DOO-DOO.

Be not afraid.

Anonymous said...

the technology is cheap. youtube is filled with people, mostly kids, making home movies of every conceivable variety. Sometimes suprisingly creative.

anyway, war2.0.

this tech is so powerful and is changing the world so fast that I think in a few years you might have to be over 40 just to remember what war we were fighting before it all became ---> whatever the hell it's going to become.

Anonymous said...

FROM Helmer Fudge


Muzzies don't dream. They think sex involves "ready, aim, fire" at the rosebud. And, when they miss they're Greek.

Too funny!

You're always good for a laugh Carol. I enjoy reading your meandering posts and trying to keep up with your thoughts. That line above is a classic though and worth remembering.

Anonymous said...

This is an extremely worrying development and one that I have been concerned about for some time. It bodes very poorly for islamic extremists, of course, but also for innocent muslims - who do not deserve retribution.

One thing I would say, however, is that it is a mortal error to underestimate the determination and ability of the 'anglo saxon' people (UK, USA etc) to extinguish a threat. Once they digest that there is an enemy that seeks to seriously harm them, these peoples will act ruthlessly to protect themselves - mullahs, take note. It is a common and incorrect assumption by enemies of the anglo saxons that the anglo-saxons are decadent, weak and irresolute - one that the Nazis entertained, as did the Japanese and now the Iranians and their terrorist friends. Despite appearances, the 'anglo-saxons' are one of the most violent, savage and warlike on the planet. Slow to rise to the fight, when they do they are extremely ruthless and adept at killing. This is a genetic/cultural trait, formed over thousands of years.

England, for instance, has never lost a war. English history shows the violence inherent in the nature of the English - an island race bred on warfare and fighting. Only hard, centralised control - notably monarchial power, mixed with religious edict - has been able to rein this desire for violence in, so long as the English are provided with a steady diet of satisfying, bloody combat. However it has never gone away. I hope that the Blair government have been telling muslim leaders this - that their safety depends on helping the government against the extremists.

I have been worried for some time that the weakness of the government in dealing with islamic fascists would open the door to the island tribes taking matters into their hands again. Many peolple on the streets have been weighing the clear threat against the, with their government's reaction and have found the latter to be seriously wanting. They have made their decisions and choices. Let's hope that the current drive against troublemakers puts a lid on these cultural instincts.

Duchess Of Austin said...

I dunno....I'm thinking that maybe if a few innocent "moderate muslims" die at the hands of vigilantes, they (the "moderates") might just decide that it's in their best interests to start cleaning house of radicals. Up until that happens, it's not in their best interests to decry the radicals in their midst, because that certainly means a death sentence.....if the moderates face a death sentence either way, maybe it will encourage them to get rid of the radicals.

Kind of cold hearted, I know, but I believe that it's just a matter of when, not if, some idiot here straps on a bomb and goes to a high school graduation or a county fair here in America.

Maybe if the Muzzies know they'll be judged at the hands of the population and that the government may or may not help them, it will be the incentive to do the right thing.

Thank GOD I live in TEXAS!! The ragheads don't have a chance, here. Let just ONE idiot blow up so much as an anthill, and there will be piles of dead ragheads.

linearthinker said...

From Anonymous...Let's hope that the current drive against troublemakers puts a lid on these cultural instincts.

Ummm. What current drive against which cultural instinct?

If you know of any effective government drive against muslim cultural instincts, please share it with me. If you're pining for a successful government drive against the anglo-saxon cultural instincts, be careful what you wish for. It might be those instincts that save the day.