Monday, September 11, 2006

Hamas: Christians Not Welcome

Palestinians have torched the Qalqilya YMCA.

Palestinian gunmen Saturday attacked and set fire to the Young Men's Christian Association headquarters in Qalqiliya, a large West Bank city controlled by Hamas.

Local government sources identified the attackers as members of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror groups, saying the identities of the gunmen are "well known" to Qalqiliya's security forces, which are controlled by the Hamas government.

Saturday's arson follows a series of warnings by the Muslim leadership of Qalqilya accusing the city's YMCA of missionary activity and demanding the Christian organization close its offices and leave town or face likely Muslim violence.
So much for Muslim religious tolerance.

And to think that Palestinians call Israel an apartheid state. Looks like projection to me.

The "cause" of this attack? The YMCA was accused of missionary activity.
"There was a coordination among the mosques to speak about the YMCA. One major imam, for example, warned if the YMCA doesn't close down it will lead to 'acts that no one would like to see,'" said one political source in April.

Joseph Medi, the YMCA manager in Qalqiliya, said his operation has never been involved with missionary activity.

“It's not what we're about. There is no missionary activity here whatsoever. The YMCA is in the city to serve the population with financial help, sporting activities and general educational programs," said Medi.
Evidently just by just existing the Y performs subtle missionary activity. After all Hamas could provide such services. The fact that they did not is a subtle rebuke to them. Such a rebuke can not be tolerated.

One Christian leader, an aide to Jerusalem's Latin Patriarch Michel Sabah who asked his name be withheld out of fear of Muslim retaliation, called the threats against Qalqiliya's YMCA part of a general trend of Christian persecution in Palestinian areas.

"It's been happening all over the West Bank and Gaza," said the aide.

There have been rampant reports of abuses and persecution in several West Bank towns taken over by the PA. Anti-Christian riots have been reported in Ramallah, Nazareth and surrounding villages as well as in towns in Gaza.

In Bethlehem, local Christians have long complained of anti-Christian violence. The city's Christian population, once counting for 90 percent, declined drastically since the PA took control in December 1995. Christians now make up less than 25 percent of Bethlehem, according to Israeli surveys.

Some analysts called the demands for the YMCA to close one of many indications Hamas may be seeking to impose Islamic rule on the Palestinian population.

Israeli officials say Hamas in the Gaza Strip has established hard-line Islamic courts and created the Hamas Anti-Corruption Group, which is described as a kind of "morality police" operating within Hamas' organization. Hamas has denied the existence of the anti-corruption group, but it recently carried out a high-profile "honor killing" widely covered by the Palestinian media.
Funny thing is that you never hear this stuff on the nightly news. I wonder why.

I guess it wouldn't fit in with the "intolerant Israel, enlightened Palestinians" theme. Or that "Islam is a religion of peace" thingy we keep hearing so much about.

I wonder how all the Christian groups giving support to Palestinians will feel about being shut out of Bethleham and Nazareth? I'm sure it will come as a total surprise.

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Anonymous said...


I'm sorry to see you go. I think your blog was picking up steam. And, you have something to add to the debate. Plus, you're a pleasure to read. I don't feel like I'm talking to myself.

Anyway, I know the media pot stirs with mighty roars, when the palistinians let loose. But for Qualqila? How about seeing that they have a fire department? To respond to the inferno's they start. Who knew? At least there are no Jews living there.

The other thing to notice, after you calm down from the morning's "usual" media business; is to understand that there are lots of fires. A few businessmen have been known to start them, too. To collect insurance.

one way to cure the arabs of their propensity to "start fires," is to leave it to the insurance companies to solve these crimes.

Don't laugh. My mother taught me this. She said from her point of view the police department (in those days, in Brooklyn, New York)suffered from inertia. They came and took reports. Then, they'd call you from the precinct. Always. For more time with a pencil and a piece of paper.

She said smart men took lots of inusrance out on their heads; so if their beautiful wives killed them, the insurance companies (who had dogs in these races), had REAL detectives. Who solved crimes.

Burning buildings fit into that maxim, as well. The firemen do more than stop fires, ya know? They explain, by investigation, how they got started.

But back to basics. Since we are at war with these religious loons. The way they go about training their troops? Doesn't make them all that powerful when you meet them in battle.

And, the one thing we know is BATTLES ARE NECESSARY. Less paperwork.

What we're seeing today is a very old story, too.

I've been thinking about Liddell-Hart's views that "taking territory" is a waste of time. It straps you and saps you, when you're the provider country. (Korea, a worthless piece of landscape, according to MacArthur, brought this into view. And, what happened in Korea? That was the way the UN was gonna get things done. No more "right or wrong," but a view of global stalemate. And, then? We walked into another piece of crap, Vietnam. When the French surrendered Dien Bien Fu.) Never go into a place that's seen the french.

Which is one reason Israel wasn't going to solve "Bush's problem," in syria. Or lebanon. Though, under the radar there are IDF troops still cleaning out the bunker system. Before handing this crap to the Blue Helmets.)

But you will notice how fast Olmert pulls away from discussing anything in the press. That's why he's pulled the ships from watching the coast, to a non-story status. (The ships, I'll point out, are not being mothballed.) Just the bargaining chip power has been eroded.

Now back to the ancient ROMANS. How come they were able to take over wide swaths of captured lands? And, the answer is they WERE A BETTER CULTURE. And, the savages eyes opened when they saw it. AND, those savages decided schooling was better. SO THEY ADOPTED THE WAYS OF THE ROMANS. (To a point. The Romans never crossed the Rhine. Savage germanic tribes lived there. And, there was no hope for them.) Not then. And, not later. And, not now.

Meanwhile, the ancient greeks won a few wars against the ancient persians. And, they decided that it was best to call that crappy land "asia." Hence, we have so much confusion. And, to not open any gates in the walls of cities, that would let the "asians" in.

Sure. History teaches lots of lessons. How after the ROMAN lights went out (when those germanic savages got to ROME, and destroyed everything),is that in the WEST, for one thousand years, the lights went out.

Current battle? Against savages. Schooling isn't gonna help them. They've got this religious adherence that gives men GOATS. Disciplined goats. No need to learn about love at all.

Time to figure out that LOVE cures us. We will never be like them.

And, other than their drivel they will all explode on the battlefields to come. With no homes to run back into.

(That's why there are about one million Shi'a lebanese now residing in syria. Boosting assad's religious sect UP. Really, really, really screwing the sunnis.) You bet. Olmert knew what he was doing! While Condi did not. And, Bush, by now, will reduce the size of his tantrum, because in Israel Olmert's the PM. Not quite losing his job ahead of time. Because nobody's coming up with 61 signatures to pull that government down.

I'm so sorry you won't be here for my wonderful lessons. They go so well with coffee, too.