Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Gun Control and Flight 93

By now every one recognizes thtat air marshalls can't be every where and that the best defence of air travel is the citizens actually travelling.

Some folks still can't make the connection. Pennsylvania is having a gun control debate.

HARRISBURG, Pennsylvania (Reuters) - Pennsylvania lawmakers held a special session on Tuesday to discuss 94 initiatives to tighten the state's relatively loose gun controls in an effort to reduce gun crime.

The two-day meeting was attended by the mayors of New York and Trenton, New Jersey, who believe their cities' crime rates are affected by the laxer rules in Pennsylvania. The state has one of the strongest pro-gun lobbies in the country.

"What happens in Pennsylvania or any other state doesn't stay in Pennsylvania or any other state," New York's Michael Bloomberg told a news conference. "We can't fight illegal guns from behind state lines." He said 85 percent of the guns used by criminals in New York originated outside the city.
Leaving the citizens of New York defenceless against better armed criminals. Criminals always get guns if they want them. Honest citizens in gun control regimes have a tougher time.

Say didn't Flight 93 go down in Pennsylvania? Why can't those folks make the connection? Self defence is pretty much defacto illegal in Britain and crime is way up. They rounded up the guns in Australia and gun crime is on the rise. It appears that the best defence against armed criminals is armed citizens.

I always wondered why if you can't trust citizens to be armed you could trust them with the vote?

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