Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Democrats: Bush Hatred Could Help

In California the Democrats are hoping that hatred of Bush will defeat Arnold Schwarzenegger's run for re-election. However, Phil Angelides, Arnold's Democratic opponent, is in big trouble with the voters.

Of concern for Angelides supporters were results showing that just 61 percent of Democrats supported their candidate for the state's highest office.

Democrats are the strongest party in California, making it difficult for a Republican to win state elections without support from independents and Democrats.

The Field Poll, which had a sampling error of plus or minus 4.3 percent, also showed a strong gender gap among those surveyed, with 51 of men favoring Schwarzenegger, the star of the "Terminator" films and a former bodybuilding champion, against 29 percent favoring Angelides.

Among women surveyed, however, 39 percent favored Angelides compared to 36 percent for Schwarzenegger ahead of the November election.

In an interview this week, Angelides said he was hoping a wave of sentiment against President George W. Bush would help him overtake Schwarzenegger and win the November election.
So there you have it. No plan for better government. No plan for improving the schools. No plan for reducing prison spending. No plan for lowering taxes. Hate Bush.

Evidently hating Bush does not appear to be a winning electoral strategy. What a surprise.


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linearthinker said...

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linearthinker said...

RCP poll average (over 33 polls) today had Angelides about 14.5 points behind Arnold. The Dem AG at the same time is sueing the 6 big auto makers in a trumped up kerfluffle over CO2 caused environmental damages, sure to be a big winner among the state's driving voters. AG Lockyear is termed out as AG, and running for state treasurer, so my hunch is his lawsuit is a last hurrah bit of grandstanding to boost his name recognition among the green voters. Meanwhile, Arnold has trumped that sector by supporting the new state emission rules, likely to be overturned on appeal.

If Bush didn't exist, the Democrats would have to invent him to have a platform.

Anonymous said...

need to remember that misgivings about the bush family go way back. GW would have had to be a much more talented politician than he is to overcome it.

it's also a healthy response for people to be repelled by what appears to be a dynasty. We don't need royalty in this country. For the same reason, I'm pretty sure there will not be another Clinton in the white house.

Anonymous said...

Angelides DOES have an agenda, he's just not using it in the campaign. It's a typical liberal dem agenda, involving enlarging programs and adding new programs, and raising taxes to pay for it. The "hate Bush" tactic is probably more promising, since voters remember where the state's structural deficit came from.

I'm a Democrat and former state employee who will continue to vote Republican until the Democrats put up a candidate who knows how to budget and realizes where tax revenue really comes from.

Larry in San Diego

Anonymous said...


Are state employees going to vote for Lockyer for treasurer? Aren't they a bit worried about that guy getting his hands on CalPers?

Hope they vote for Parrish instead. I take him as a straight-shooter.

For AG, can anyone trust Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown? Ouch.

Anonymous said...

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