Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Tortured in Syria

Here is a story I do not understand. The Syria is co-operating with the US on prisoner interrogation.

TORONTO - The United States "very likely" sent a Canadian software engineer to Syria, where he was tortured, based on the false accusation by Canadian authorities that he was suspected of links to al-Qaida, according to a new government report.

Syrian-born Maher Arar was exonerated of all suspicion of terrorist activity by the 2 1/2-year commission of inquiry into his case, which urged the Canadian government to offer him financial compensation. Arar is perhaps the world's best-known case of extraordinary rendition — the U.S. transfer of foreign terror suspects to third countries without court approval.

"I am able to say categorically that there is no evidence to indicate that Mr. Arar has committed any offense or that his activities constitute a threat to the security of Canada," Justice Dennis O'Connor said Monday in a three-volume report on the findings of the inquiry, part of which was made public.
This policy makes no sense on so many levels. If this guy was a terrorist, how does it help us to have a terrorist sponsoring nation, Syria, in on what we know? How do we prevent Syria from giving us false information about interrogations? How do we prevent Syria from passing messages on to real terrorists in case one of their own is captured?

I do understand that even in war enemies have ways of communicating with each other. I have to ask, though, is this the best way?


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back.
He was detained just one year after 9/11. Things were different then. Perhaps confusion and reorganization to meet the threat caused a blunderbuss approach to be used.

Anonymous said...


What makes you think Syria is not a player?

True. The Saudis want Assad dead. They want syria in their pockets. DIDN'T WORK OUT THAT WAY, YA KNOW! Just because Bush has a bug up his ass, doesn't mean the rest of the world is gonna cater to those Saudi freaks. (Freaks. Not sheiks.)

How does this work, then?

First off. Syria and france are allies. Been this way for almost 90 years. When the TURKS LOST! (They sided with Germany in WW1.) The "territory of the Mideast" was divided. Everything Britain TOOK, has been lost. But the french?)

You didn't know?

The FRENCH STILL HAVE THEIR BELONGINGS. Syria and Lebanon are a cohesive WHOLE. They're Shi'a. In a world of Sunni. And, they're players! (Including buddying up with Iran.)

America has had its problems with iran. NOT WORTH A WAR!

BUT IF THE MIDGET, koo-koo-nutter, formerly just the mayor of Tehran, gets flipped ... who do you think is "more ready?" France. With a SHi'a base. Or Britain, with no base at all. Or grudgingly, America?

In two years Bush is gone. He had an opportunity to do a lot with his presidency. But he's squandered it. He's a very lazy rich guy. Where everybody else is always picking up his underwear. SO he's forever "under the radar screen."

Israel knows what's UP.

And, Israel knows the FRENCH are players. While the Brits are WHIPPED PUSSIES.

Yeah. Assad gets bad press. Where PART OF THE REASON is that the Saudis OWN major American news outlets. They probably own a major piece of Reuter's, too. And, the BBC? (You mean you didn't know London was already Islamic?) Londonstan, in all but name, now.

WHile Bush is very meager. At least he didn't lose too much during his summer "game" on Olmert. And, Olmert's still around.

Condi's reputation? Monica Lewinsky has a better chance at becoming a veep candidate, ahead.

And, the GOP party is not neatly tucked inside Bush's pair of pants.

As a matter of fact, Bush is a lightweight. He's unable to pick stars. (HEY! Just like Olmert!) So, even in the world of "politics as usual," what will get served on the menu a few years from now is not yet fully vested on our radar screens.

But the next guys up? Much more photogenic.

The french? When do whore houses ever close?

Anonymous said...


Heck, in Italy, the mafia runs loose.

If you were in Israel you'd know there are more terrorists running around, than are in jail.

Again, it's all the way you see these things coming out at ya.

Does Syria signal other than the USA? Sure thing.

Well, what about Canada? Hinged to Britain. Still up its ying-yang in terrorist stock.

Again, you need to view Israel to see how these things shape up. Israel is full of arabs. Some are extremely hostile. BUT ALSO AWARE THAT ISRAEL HAS A POLICE FORCE THAT PUTS THEM OUT OF COMMISSION. In jail they talk. So, all you do is see it, IF you enter an arab area, while you're a tourist. BUT THIS HAS BEEN CUT. In other words, another gift from the PLO, is that Israel doesn't make access to the arab areas a recommended tourist stop. People get smart, then, all on their own.

So, there ya go. Visit Italy. And, hold onto your luggage. The mafia, there, is fully operational.

And, even if the word "terrorist" terrifies; these people, when they scoot about; are actually FOLLOWED.

If you've read the Israeli press, you'd know there was information available to the Israelis (Intelligence). From the Lebanese. So not all of the Lebanese were in nasrallah's pockets. (In the Mideast spooking, and trading on information is second nature.)

So, I don't get all that excited when I read about stuff like this.

Assad has his reasons to distrust America. They are a separate state. Under the protection of the french. And, russians. (At least those two. If not more players.)

And, sometimes it's best to know your enemies are on the loose. Doesn't mean they're gonna be flying airplanes into tall buildings any time soon.

Damascus also doesn't get a lot of Canadian visitors! It's not exactly a tourist mecca. So, where Assad's concerned, he watches his back. He watches his pocketbook. And, he actually keeps a pretty good check on his anger. Since he doesn't want to get killed.

Despots. That's just how they run their countries. Not too damned much ya can do about it, either.