Thursday, September 28, 2006

No Excuses for Terror

Commenter Paul pointed me to this video at Harry's Place. I haven't checked it all out but the start is very good.

It is a look at the leftist support for Middle Eastern Tribalism. Or as the guy in the video put it: "We are all Hizballah now". i.e. a repudiation of all the left stands for (except for the overthrow of the established order). The Soviet Union is gone and the left needs a new champion.

Harry's Place belongs to the Euston Manifesto left.

Even if you don't have broadband the comments are interesting. The commenters include a number of Trots and a sprinkling of Stalinists. A viewpoint rarely represented in America. We usually get leftists totaly ignorant of bygone leftist theology.

Update: 28 Sept '06 1936z

I have just finished watching the whole set of four. Powerful stuff. If you have a slow connection just watch Part IV.

Update: 03 Oct. '06 0000z

It appears the direct link to Harry's Place is not working. Try this link to the archives and scroll down to 27 Sept.

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