Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hamas is Hurting

According to Al Jazeera Hamas has offered Israel a ten year truce instead of recognition.

In an attempt to solve the crisis that took all spheres of life and activity in the Palestine Autonomy, the radical Hamas group offered to Israel 10 years truce instead of recognition for the Israeli state, the web edition of Al Jazeera comments. On the other hand a spokesman of the Israeli cabinet underlined that there were several conditions for the restoration of the peace process in the region – recognition of Israel, stop of the violence and adherence to the previous agreements between the two states in the conflict.
Palestinian government workers are revolting due to lack of pay. If the armed thugs don't get paid soon they will start freelancing. Plus graft and corruption is not nearly what it used to be due to the Cash Flow Jihad.

Muslims who buy into jihad are not allowed to offer truces unless they are at a significant military disadvantage. Which tells you all you need to know about this offer.

Israel is not buying it.
"Israel is not interested in that initiative", said government spokesman Avi Pazner, who reiterated that the demands presented by the Quarter (UN, Russia, European Union, and US) for the Middle East should be first met before starting talks with Hamas.

The Quarter is pressuring the Arab Executive to recognize Tel Aviv and lay down its arms, which the Islamic movement has been refusing, since it considers Israel harmful for the Palestinian people.
I think they mean Quartet for Quarter.

The siege will need to continue a while longer.

Update: 23 Sept '06 1753z

It appears that the armed thugs are already out of control.
On the streets of Gaza, the tension has sharpened during the months of the boycott. Armed gunmen from different factions patrol street corners on alternating blocks in Gaza City with the roads linking southern Gaza to the north frequently closed down by armed gangs. And as businesses have shut down, the streets have grown eerily quiet.

With dwindling cash to live on, families have started feuding among themselves. The situation has set spouses at odds with one another and parents at odds with children, said Maha Reza, a university student in Gaza City.

“Everything has changed,” she said. “It’s the mentality and behavior. People are more fearful and more violent.”

Recognizing the growing crisis, Hamas wants to show flexibility in negotiations to set up the unity government as well as on some of the three international conditions for restoring aid to the Palestinian government.
I have noted that Iran is predicting a Zionist collapse. I will repeat what I said in that post. It is projection.

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