Saturday, November 13, 2004

Trapping Kids with Drugs and Friendship

This story caught my eye. They are sending undercover cops to high schools to entrap kids willing to raid their home medicine chests. I'll quote the gist but read the whole thing.

"Students sold the drugs, many of which may have been taken from home medicine cabinets, for a pittance, Police Chief Rick Scarbrough said.

"'They ( students ) are not as street-savvy and business-savvy as our usual street dealers are. They almost give the drugs away.'"

Really? Why would that happen? Is that what a ruthless pusher would do?

Sounds to me like some kids are looking for friendship, social acceptance and approval. Because police can pretend to be students looking for drugs convincingly enough, some students pretend to be drug dealers as well as they can. It would be a silly game, if the consequences for students weren't so real.


Anonymous said...

I'm a Mom of a student that I moved from Downers Grove, Illinois to a high school that doesn't support this and doesn't employ in school "advisors" to promote drug addiction among students. But, Downers Grove people were invited into my home and neighborhood in my new community to "feel superior" and to chase us out, and stupidly I moved back, thinking we had friends there (I was well known as a support person for kids in a youth organization, and they turned to me sometimes instead of their parents --- sometimes due to fear). Did they try and trap my son with drugs and friendship? You bet! Did a psychotic cop try to kill him because he wouldn't participate and I tried to get legal help ---- you bet!!! Did they use psych games against me and a sexual predator against my son who is a Police Chief's buddy - you bet!!!! Spread it around. I raised a man where these creeps wanted wuss material. Everyone's circumstances are different but, as a Mom, I am proof and actually have the names and the proof of school administrators (that sleep with the skank Mom's) and wanted political power --- and did this because "we like Mom's that will be 'heart's and flower's' bimbos while we rape their kids. Any help you need, any time. I have a psychotic Police Chief in DuPage County by the gonads my friend.

M. Simon said...

Send me an e-mail.

I'll see what I can do to help.