Monday, November 15, 2004

Gaining ground everywhere

Andrew Sullivan (find your own link) says we need more troops and the insurgency is gaining ground everywhere.

Well mainly in your mind Andrew (which in fact is where the majority of any war is fought - in people's minds).

Mudville has a different point of view:

That said, the past weekend was an ugly one, as insurgents launched rather feeble yet deadly attacks outside Fallujah, ostensibly to draw off the impending assault. These accomplished nothing of any tactical military value but did give sympathetic reporters the ability to publish sentiments similar to this:

"Widespread lethal attacks prove that even as coalition forces mass for the inevitable battle in Fallujah, control of the broader situation remains elusive for the Americans and their allies".

The attacks have no other purpose save to provide those lines to the media, without whose support the insurgency in Iraq would fall.
In WW2 they called the people who were always shaking in their boots "Nervous Nellies". Get a grip Andrew.

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